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Do you think more people are becoming comfortable with the subject of prenuptial agreements?

Asked by hungryhungryhortence (12176points) October 12th, 2009

I’ve always been for them and I know a lot of people think they discount a marriage before it’s even entered into but… may I please share? I mean, if you stay together forever then that’s great, but if someone should happen, you know.

* when people divorce, the house usually has to be sold which means if there are kids then they end up displaced and often in new schools, away from their established friends and extracurricular activities. Not fair.

* whoever makes the most money (even if that person was a horrible partner and brought about issues leading to the divorce) usually ends up having to pay medical insurance and therapy costs for everyone. Some courts make it mandatory for children and couples to go through counseling before the divorce is made final.

* Some spouses are awarded alimony (again that spouse may have been a real piece of doo doo) and that alimony can be adjusted by a court petition every 6mos. to reflect any bonuses, raises, etc.

* One of the current rages is for a spouse receiving alimony to be declared bi polar or some other debilitating mental condition so they can get out of having to work ft or work at all.

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Uh, so what’s the question?

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I’m not sure if I understand the question but I will say that I’m not very comfortable with the subject. When I get married in July, that’s it for me. It’s forever. I would never marry someone if I had any thoughts that divorce may be in our future. So I’m not a fan of prenups. Period.

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A prenuptial agreement implies distrust. I could not imagine marrying someone who I did not trust completely.

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I would consider a pre-nup as proof that I’m not after someone for what material gain I may get out of it. I only say this because I know what it is like to date someone who is fairly well off and be accused of “gold digging”. I have never been with anyone for their money and if it meant doing a pre-nup to prove that I love someone then so be it.

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@Leanne1986: that’s how I look at it too, takes the idea completely off the table so it’s a non issue. There is so much financial stress these days for couples to work through, I’d think more people would want to rule that out up front. Doing a pre-nup doesn’t prove love but it does commit to not taking advantage if there should be no-more-love or a change in love that’s not enough to support a marriage any longer.

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I wouldn’t mind doing a pre-nup but we didn’t.

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