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What do you think about Windows 7?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) October 22nd, 2009

Why should I leave my XP and upgrade to 7?
I didn’t like VISTA at all.

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I will be receiving mine later today (pre-ordered from I’ll let you know in a few days, unless of course my computer crashes and burns. Btw….I am upgrading from Home Vista-64 bit. See ya….Gary/wtf

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I have been using the evaluation version for a couple of months now. It’s far cleaner than Vista, but I would not be in a hurry to dump XP for it. There are still the annoying security issues. For example, I tried to open an instance of Notepad as administrator, then drag a configuration file into it. It would not allow me to do that. I had to open it from the File->Open menu, which is far more tedious. Microsoft still seems intent on protecting users from themselves.

On the other hand – it’s easier to shut off UAC or to adjust its settings to be less annoying. I would run with it off, as I do with Vista, but I use this on a test rig that’s set up to evaluate end-user impact.

If, however, you have been holding off buying a new computer because of Vista, then wait no longer.

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Is it made by Microsoft?

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It is nice and easy to handle.

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Xp is obsolete. I’ve been using Win7 for months and even the release candidate I have is worlds better than Vista.

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I haven’t had any problems with Vista. I have had it on several laptops and it doesn’t seem to crash at all, while my XP periodically freezes up so I have to hit CTL-ALT-Delete.

However, I use Firefox, rather than IE, so that could be a big part of it.

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I did have some Problems with it.
1st of all for a long Time I could not find the “show Desktop” Button, until just yesterday I, by Accident, I found out it is that glassy Button at the right End of the task bar. Way to hide an important Function, MS.

Second, Win 7 (the 64 bit Version at least) prevents any non-certified Drivers from being loaded, and there is no Way to deactivate this function (not even by deactivating UAC) except to select a special boot Mode with F8 every time you start the System.
This was especially annoying since I use a Freeware Disk Encryption Programme, whose Drivers and Cypher Drivers are not certified by Microsoft (since that apparently costs a lot of Money). I had to install a special Bootloader that selects the special Bootmode automatically at System Boot.

Third, the Control Panel is unnecessarily convoluted, finding the Settings Page you want is a real Pain in the Arse, and there is no Way anymore to activate the Classic View.

But apart from that I had no Problems.

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I’ve been using it for a few months now. XP was the shit, but i think 7 may have won me over.I cant really say i have any complaints with it yet.

@IchtheosaurusRex you can turn all that off. I did shortly after installation :P

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@uberbatman , I don’t have that option because the machine does not belong to me. It’s a test rig we put together so I don’t run into any unpleasant surprises when the application I maintain is released the public next quarter. When Vista hit, I had to fix a critical compatibility problem and issue a patch in less than 8 hours. I need to keep the system set up the way a typical end user would have it.

I did, however, install FireFox on it. There are some things I just won’t put up with, test bed or no.

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So far, so good, tho I’ve not tested or run much. My Logitech Webcam no longer works. I downloaded the one and only Windows7–64 bit driver with no success. Guess I’ll be emailing Logitech on that one. See ya….Gary/wtf

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Any OS that requires more ram than it can address is a joke.

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Edit above: I reinstalled the Logitech driver with success. No new problems to report (tho, I have been avoiding IE, which had previously been a problem, but will give it a fresh look soon). See ya….Gary/wtf

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The thing that everyone loved about XP was that it enabled users to be massively productive. Vista, on the other hand, looked pretty but was slow and tedious to use. I have a lot of friends running Windows 7 and they all tell me it’s the best of both worlds – the usability of XP, but with the nice interface of Vista. I’ve also heard a lot of people say that it’s got great hardware compatibility – it picked up all the installed devices without needing to get drivers from a 3rd-party source.

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Hi, I’m now using 7 for one week. LOVE IT!
It is so fast, never seen my computer that fast.

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I was so disgusted with XP that I had been planning to install Linux on my new PC. But I love Win7 (except for a few annoyances like I can’t run DOS programs any more unless I boot from a DOS floppy, and I can’t convert my old email from Outlook into Live Mail).

From the moment I turned my old XP machine on, I didn’t get to the desktop for about a half hour, and it wasn’t for another 15 minutes before I could actually do anything. Even then, it always took XP a minute or two to respond to my mouse clicks. Or I would type something, and my words wouldn’t appear on screen for a minute or more. And it took several minutes to launch anything or open a document.

But my new PC, I press the power switch and I’m right there at the Win7 desktop (even from a cold start)! w00t!

BTW, @ragingloli, you can download the WIndows Classic look as a theme, which I have done :-)

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Update: after seven months, Windows7–64 works marvelously and I have no complaints. I did finally give up on IE, have downloaded Firefox, and use it and Safari exclusively as browsers now. That’s a one win/one lose for Microsoft.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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One thing you might want to do is ditch Norton that comes with Win7 and install Microsoft Security Essentials. A magazine write up in PC World says Microsoft’s A/V is just as good as Norton, and is free.

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I take that back what I said above!

Microsoft Security Essentials is total garbage! A while ago, I got a virus that made Windows think it was an illegal copy. Instead of helping me clean my PC, MSE disabled Windows. When I called Microsoft, they told me that my only option was to buy a “legal” copy of Windows. I bought my eMachines PC at Best Buy, not some off-brand PC at some fly-by-night place, so I know it came with a perfectly legal copy of Windows.

I called eMachines, and they walked me through the steps to reinstall a new copy of Windows from a hidden partition on the hard disk. Virus gone! Windows good! Happy camper!

The moral? The only security that MSE is protecting is Microsoft’s. Get a third-party A/V…

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