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Ever tried Web hosting with content management?

Asked by metadog (378points) October 22nd, 2009

Have you ever used a web host that also offers a robust content management system? My company has a hand full of marketing sites that we want to move “out there” and also tap, if possible, a good CMS. This as an alternative to buying and implementing a CMS on our own (though this could be done as well). Can you suggest a service that you have used?

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Well, i have not actually used it, but godaddy claim to have a system that lets you design and manage your own sites. its probably worth a look.

and also, me and my business partner are developing a CMS system at the moment. if you want to take a look and test it out to get and idea of what such systems can do i could hook you up. just drop me a line or something. we are currently running some tests on it at the moment.

its quite basic, but would give you a good idea of what you can do with a customized CMS system.

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@metadog and perhaps @poisonedantidote, why do people insist on paying for a CMS when there are perfectly good FOSS alternatives available? namely Joomla! and Drupal

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well, maybe my understanding is a little squed on this as i design websites day and and day out. but why would anyone want a cms system at all? the only answer i can come up with is that they dont know how to make a site, and that is the only reason they want a cms in the first place.

i would assume, that some people dont even know how to use joomla and drupal and thus they just pay someone to do it for them.

i have seen plenty of people offering to sell their joomla skills and joomla templates for sale all over the place. so i guess, it boils down to what they know how to do, combined with what they want to do that leads to the paying.

some people probably just want a custom made cms so that they can can hire staff and let them do all the updating on a peanuts wage.

and just to clarify here… i am not trying to sell anyone anything here. im simply saying that i have access to a custom cms that metadog could take a look at if he wanted to see what such systems are like vs ones that are provided by hosting services.

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@poisonedantidote may I play with your CMS?

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sure, how do i send you a private message?

give me a sec…


just sent you a pm, i think.


are those comment things on the channel 100% private then?

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I just recently started a site using Joomla, which is a free open-source CMS. It is provided for free by my webhost, and I would highly recommend it after using it for a while. I’ve tried doing a website the hard way (from scratch with an HTML editor) and the easy way (with a website builder, which is what GoDaddy offers), and by far prefer using Joomla. It’s very flexible, their are lots of great site templates and extensions available for it, and it has excellent user-community based support. You can see my Joomla site at . Hope this helps.

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@wrgb nice site. I lovez teh Joomla

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I suppose I’m a beginner when it comes to HTML/CSS, having only done a few commissioned websites, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to use Joomla. I remember looking at it two different times at a client’s request and it seemed so complicated to me.

Someone here on Fluther posted a link to CushyCMS recently; now THAT looked like a simple, customizable solution.

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@drdoombot the mere fact that you know of HTML/CSS means you are competent enough to use Joomla.

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