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Has anyone used Google Chrome for Mac?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) October 28th, 2009

If so, how do you like it? I know it’s not even technically a beta yet; but I’ve been using it quite a bit for the past two days and haven’t had any crashes or anything. I read somewhere that it doesn’t have Flash support but i’ve been watching Flash content on it all morning.

you can get it here if you don’t yet have it

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Yeah, I’ve been using it for a few months now. I really like it. I still use Safari mainly though.

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Funny enough just downloaded it today as the developer copy. Seems to work fine. Have to test it on a few Java things as I have being problems with watching NinjaVideo. Everyhting else sees to be plain sailing.

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I’ve been using it for a few days as well and it’s running great. Have switched to using it for my main browser. Only thing I miss is 1Password integration.

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I’ve used it a little bit, but I also still use Safari as my main browser.

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Yes I have it installed on my macbook pro running snow leopard, it seems to me that Safari is still a better browser than Chrome.. If you check out you’ll see that in terms of speed safari and chrome are pretty much equal. What’s really amazing though is that the latest Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha release is actually 7x faster than any browser out there in terms of java speed. Hard to believe but true!

You can check out the article here:

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it’s been my main browser on my macbook since july. i love it! (and on pc, chrome has over 600 extensions, which also work on dev build. you can see them (google chrome extensions org) online. many are made by the same users who make firefox extensions.

i’ve tried many browsers: camino, opera, flock, shiira, and so on. i’ve settled on chrome as main (tho there’s still work needed, no question), with safari as my second browser.

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ps, i agree with minolta about speed. safari and chrome seem about even, and opera is by far the fastest browser i’ve ever used. the reason it’s not on my mac is that it just quit working on me, twice. no clue why. but opera’s a speed demon, no question.

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