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What new, ground breaking technology are you looking foward to in the future?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) October 30th, 2009

Heard about any new technology that scientists are currently working on that you can’t wait for? Is there something you’ve thought of that could eventually be created? What would have the most significant impact on our society? Any positive or negative effects this technology will create?

If you’re actually from the future please don’t spoil us!

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This may not be particularly ground breaking, but I really can’t wait until TV’s and personal computers are fully integrated with one another. Also with some cell phone features (I know some televisions can pop-up caller ID when you have a call).

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Wireless Electricity.

Being able to use electronics wirelessly without losing the charge. Imagine being able to use your laptop anywhere in your house, not plugging it in, and never running out of battery!

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@J0E I actually can’t wait until everything is wireless!

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There are too many to list:

- Ubiquitous, fast, wireless and cheap internet
– Powder made from the intestinal lining of pigs to regrow limbs
– Nanobots to clean up oil spills and fight cancer
– More efficient solar panels
– Gene-splicing to remove hereditary diseases and increase life-longevity
– Space elevator
– Interplanetary travel
– Cure for baldness
– The Singularity, which might create the tech to do all of the above

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I say the same thing every time this question arises; I patiently await the hoverboard.

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I’ve been waiting for the flying cars since I was little. (45 years or more?) I do own an airplane now, so that’s close.
I also waited for, “Picture phones.” and it’s neat to see that something my daddy and I dreamed about has come to fruition. (My Dad died when I was 10 and we dreamed about the future together a lot.)

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We would no longer need cars for transportation. Imagine a daily commute that takes seconds, we would save so much time! “Well honey, I’m off to work…1…2…3… and now I’m there.”

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travel faster than light

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@J0E – I’m with you on that one for sure! Lurve.

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when cell phones are no longer external. I can’t wait for the cell phones that will be implanted in our cheek/face/gums and powered by the body’s natural electrical energy.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra ; AUGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Judi—read Steel Beach by John Varley, he was the one that first introduced me to the concept.

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@erichw1504 ; that was just hilarious!!!

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@erichw1504 That was awesome! I cannot wait until that phone actually happens.

Anyway, that was a clever (if not a little excessive) advertisement for Nova Scotia, of all things.

I’m curious about the part with the Global Voice Translator… if the things in Farsi really are what they’re translated as in English.

As for answering the actual question… Wireless electricity would be awesome, but what I would really want is to have that Voice Translator. Either that or some way to “install” knowledge of another language into your brain, without all the trouble of learning it the hard way.

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Downloadable knowledge into your brain.

“So, you want to learn all there is to know about the history of Russia from 1700 – 1900? Here’s a thumb drive with it all, just plug it into your brain.”

This will eliminate the need for school! Imagine the impossibilities!

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Augmented reality in full force. That is, the overlay of images over what we see, for various benefits. They’ve already made a Video Contact, so it shouldn’t be long now…

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@J0E Sure, but I would probably rather walk. What is usually not considered when talking about teleportation is that for a moment, you are dead; in either way you teleport.

You just don’t do that to this stud muffin.

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Hover Boots!

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Before I die I’d like to download the contents of my brain to a nice redundant, self-powered computer which is mobile and can grasp objects.

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@pdworkin But will this computer have what you always seem to be grasping?

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My organic lemonade? I won’t need it.

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World wide cooperation on raising and distributing food to help fight world hunger.

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some technolgy to suck the tar out of my lungs

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@faye with stem cell research we can grow you brand new pink lungs.

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Who’s gonna pay for that, @YARNLADY? And where’s the technology part?

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To enable the production and transportation of the food, would require a far more efficient system than we currently have. Changes in technology can provide that.

I didn’t see in the question where is asked about the funding for the techonological innovations. Please explain.

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I remember watching something on the history channel about a huge wall sized window that was also a high res display like a tv or computer screen. I can’t seem to find anything on it though.

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The same thing I have been waiting for lo these many years.

Rocket Packs!

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Oh, almost forgot, Quantum computing. They’ve almost got that down, too.

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Cloud computing. It is changing the way small businesses use technology. These folks no longer need to purchase their server at $10,000 or so. They just log onto a website and get to work!

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Working exoskeleton suits. Neurochips, helping people with disabilities. Walkers, just because they are cool. They are probably pretty useless though.

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