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Is there a particular time of the week that is more empty than any other time?

Asked by wundayatta (58722points) November 14th, 2009

For me, it’s Saturday. I almost always get this feeling that something is missing. I’m not sure what it is, but I suspect it is the same thing that is missing when I go existential. I just feel like there’s something I should be doing, or some party I’m missing, or that the world is passing me by… I don’t know. I always wanted to be going to parties and having that feeling that I think is what people on ecstasy feel. But I’m home, and it’s getting dark, and I am missing…...

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Sundays and Mondays. I have no idea why, really, except that Sundays I feel like everyone here (the south) is heading to church and having some huge lunch with their families. Mondays also feel empty. When I had a job, I felt like a fucking drone….doing the monotonous duties on Mondays. Now without a job, I feel worthless because everyone else is getting up and heading to work while I just sit here all day.

Regarding the feeling of ecstasy, I can tell you (from experience) that just going out to parties and such is not the same feeling. Orgasmic is the better term for it.

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We work 7 days a week so I rarely know what day it is unless I look at my watch. They are pretty much all the same. Not great if you want to have a life, but at least it eliminates that feeling you are describing.

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You know, I can’t seem to get the hang of Saturdays, either. It’s the day I feel the most lonely (which is really saying something).

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Friday or Saturday nights because for so many years, those were the nights to be with friends or out somewhere nice with an SO. Nowadays those are always worknights for me, I often don’t get out until restaurants are closed and people have long since made other plans without me. Every once and awhile, I get off before 7pm and it’s a real treat to go somewhere outside of the house, especially if it resembles a date!

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Saturday’s for me too. I guess I feel everyone else is out doing something really fun, and I’m not. I’m just at home doing mundane things like raking leaves.

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Monday morning, 7:45 am. I’m just walking into work and know that I have the most length of time left before getting to another day where I don’t have to do this. It’s like a big, hopeless slog.

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Not only am I the most lonely on Saturdays, but I also seem to get the least done as well. I almost always feel like my Saturdays are a waste of time. I don’t understand this either. I try to justify it as a time to enjoy solitude but I don’t really seem to enjoy it. I always feel badly afterwards.

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Many of my days are different enough that I never get that empty space…and if there’s space, I’m sleeping!

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My days just mush into each other. i feel worthless as well without work. That said,Friday evenings get me down which is ridiculous bacause as a nurse I worked plenty of them.

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Sunday evening. Weekend is over. Long week ahead. I was never a big sports fanatic. Nothing good on TV, and my wife refuses to cook on Sunday anymore.

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@filmfann that sucks, I like my Sunday night dinner, usually comes with lots of roast vegetables

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Monday for sure.

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hmm, I’d say Friday nights. I’m usually on Fluther because I don’t do the party thing anymore. Too old, ya know. Weekends are busy, spent with my lovely wife. It is the only time we get to be together, since we work different shifts.

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Sunday DEFINITELY. Moreso Sundays not during football season. It’s just like there isn’t anything happening. It feels lonely.

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@jeanna I used to eat X a lot, and i agree, nothing makes you feel like being on MDMA but MDMA!!

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