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Were you taught to do vertical multiplication of algebraic expressions?

Asked by LostInParadise (28177points) November 25th, 2009

I never did this when I went to school, but I thought of it recently to help in doing tutoring. I am certainly not the first to come up with this idea Link
It is so much easier to do things this way and much less prone to error. I don’t see why this way is not taught everywhere.

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I was never taught to do this and I must say it looks a lot easier then doing it horizontally. I’m actually in school now studying to be a math teacher and I haven’t seen this in college yet

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That does look easy, but the FOIL method really isn’t too bad.

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We were taught that as an optional alternative way to do it, but we always focused on the FOIL way and personally, I never found the FOIL way to be terribly difficult.

Also, they make first one look harder by writing out a few steps that aren’t necessary. On the first one, steps 2–4 can be done in your head (for the most part—I would never write out step 4, though; there’s no need to rearrange it like that), whereas the second method requires you to write it out every time.

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The vertical multiplication is used by starters in every math calculation not only in algebraic expressions.But after a period of time you get used with it and you start to use ,,FOIL,, mode.

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The same calculations are done in both systems just the display is different. In FOIL the operations are done horizontally and in vertical the operations are done, well, vertically. I would say use which ever is easier for you to understand.

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