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Does it bother you when people use sex and violence in the same question ?

Asked by justme1 (580points) December 5th, 2009

It just seems to me that sex and violence are too different things. Violence is not nice and hurts people, and all around not a good thing at all. Sex on the other hand, is a natural part of life, true we do have to be careful of diseases and un wanted pregnancy, but it is a natural act that feels good and can bring two people close together.
Like on Maury, one of the questions was is there too much sex and violence on TV, I say yes more to violence, not sex. But it is a yes or no question on there, but I didn’t like them both being together because they are completely different in my opinion.

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You realize you just did, right?

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I think there are probably people who would say that violence makes them feel good. Sex is also quite capable of hurting people (although not in the same way).

Violence is a natural part of life.

Actually, what was your question again?

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They’re mentioned together so often because they are both provocative and raise people’s adrenaline.

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@AstroChuck lol I know, I mean in a sentence like ” do you think they have too much sex and violence on TV ” They are two complete different things

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@the100thmonkey Like when people refer to sex and violence like they are both the same things almost, well to me sex is not a bad thing, and violence is. But the example I used was do they show too much sex and violence on TV, well i say Yes to violence but no to sex. The question at the time i heard it was on Maury as a “yes” or “no”, so it was kind of hard to answer honestly.

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I was also saying that yes sex can hurt people, but violence is usually intentionally physically hurting someone although there are things that aren’t physical that could be considered violent. Violence is natural although it kills and really hurts people, sex is something that is natural and we wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for it, so i don’t see what is bad about it and why those terms should be used together when referring to things that are bad or should happen

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It doesn’t bother me at all when people use sex and violence in the same question. However, it does bother me very much when they use both sex and violence in a relationship. Violence has no place there.

However, the reason why folks refer to both sex and violence together is that Hollywood frequently combines them on film in such a way that children and inexperienced young people either start thinking that the two belong together, or asking really embarrassing questions in public places about either or both subjects.

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@justme1: I think it’s because in this country the US sex and violence are both considered base and awful things especially in a public setting, such as television.

That’s all I got for now. I am so tired.

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I know, I was just asking if it bothered anyone else that they are classed together like they are both awful things. Sex isn’t bad and doesn’t have to be so taboo.

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@rangerr That’s one of my favorite songs!

Some people will always think of sex and violence in the same way- things that are bad and that they want to keep away from their children. I’m more troubled by sex and violence being linked as something bad because the distinction between “good sex”- consensual acts between adults, and “bad sex,” violent or non-consensual sex acts, becomes blurred in people’s minds. I read an article recently about Catholic U of America- they ban all sex on campus. For a long time, their penalty for consensual sex on campus and sexual assault was the same, which absolutely floors me. They’re just recently started to rethink it after getting a lot of publicity for this rule.

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well i think the question you mentioned is a valid and acceptable one, mostly because sex and violence are both things that parents would not want shown to there children, not because they are both terrible things, but because its material they dont want introduced to the youngsters.
And in answer to the title question, no, it does not bother me. I also think when they are mentioned together when talking about unsavory things its often being used to represent pornography and prostitution as opposed to couples making love and the such.

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Both are subjects I do not want to have to watch in great detail when I sit down at night to relax and watch telly. I like sex but I don’t find it to be a spectator sport. I dislike violence and don’t think glorifying it in any media is entertaining for me or advantageous for young minds to watch.

That is why they are lumped together imo.

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Anybody bothered by sex, drugs, ad rock & roll?

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I object to all this sex on the telly. I mean, I keep falling off!

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I see your point, however in most cases that the two are used denotes convenience to encompass what is generally seen as inappropriate for a young audience, at least in regards to entertainment.

Sex is not violence of course, (Generally, anyways, but that’s not the point is it lulz.) but if handled irresponsibly, it can have its dire consequences, so I guess it gets jumbled up with things like violence and drugs which also have dire consequences. In the end however, subject matter which may be influential for the wrong reasons or that just offend people need to be characterized I guess.

Just a technical answer, this really isn’t my opinion…censorship sucks, knowledge is better. But yeah, major issues, they obviously need a name, and for many folks, it’s also an issue of morality, which is very distinct to the individual perception thereof.

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Yes, yes it does! GQ

Exception: Family Guy title song.

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no, not at all. BDSM is a very popular fetish.

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The question actually means “Is there too much of (not so good things) on the tele?” They are the two most factors which the media is blamed for and that could be the reason they were bunched or coupled. I do not think they were inter-linked in any way.

There are times they both are inter-related or go hand in hand. It could be consensual or not, that is a different issue. **smiles**

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I say if you don’t want yourself or your children to see so much sex and violence on tele then turn the FUCKER OFF!

“theres too much sex an violoence on TV, I’m offended!.....”

“My son wants that latest video game with all that sex an violoence in it, I can’t say no, he’s asked for it for his birthday!”
(10 years later in a bar said child smasher a bottle on a bar and jabs someone in the face without even a sniff of regret!)
“I don’t know where I went wrong!”

Sheeple make me sick!............

Oh, sorry what I mean’t to say was, I couldn’t care less to the question, though I understand where your coming from, but if sheeple weren’t so bloody ignorant they would be able to tell the difference all by themselves.

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Sex and aggression are linked together in so many ways. Perhaps you don’t like that reality, but there it is. Freud spoke about this quite a bit. You can check out the following:
“” and
Who said violence isn’t a natural part of life? Fortunately, civilized society deems it to be an unacceptable way to get the things we want or need, but check out the animal kingdom.


Yes, it’s disturbing, but sex and violence do share a common characteristic——they are both primeval and animalistic. Wild animals engage in sex and are innately violent when the situation arises. Most human beings are capable of controlling their violent tendencies. That’s what separates us human beings from the rest of the animal kingdom, our capacity to act civilly, properly, and peacefully. When we have sex, we’d like to engage in it as sensually and responsibly as possible, but there are times when even us humans turn rough, even violent. For some, that’s part of the pleasure. Sigh! Lol.

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Somewhat like DrC, I would tend to say that sex is indeed a species of violence. And that violence as a whole aspect of human behavior is not a good thing or a bad thing, because it cannot be characterized all under one umbrella like that. Individual violent acts may have good or bad consequences, depending on the perspective of the person evaluating the act.

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I see nothing at all wrong with sax and violins in the same endeavor!

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