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How often do you listen to music?

Asked by pjanaway (3002points) December 12th, 2009

How often do you listen to music? Hours everyday? A couple times a weeks? Never? Or just on the radio on the drive to work?

Does it take over your life, or aren’t you fussed by that thing we call sound :P

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I have a one hour commute to work, so at least 2 hours a day when I have to go to work.

And then occasionally, I hook my iPod up to my speakers when I’m in the shower and getting ready = 30 mins. That’s mostly it. I’m not particularly fussed (unless I have a song I can’t get out of my head and must listen to).

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First of all, I sleep with music on. It doesn’t run all night, but it’s about six hours at a stretch.

Then about two hours in the car (to, from and lunch) five days a week.

So about fifty-two hours per week. Only ten of them awake.

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I listen on an off all day long. Unless I’m away, I’m on my computer most of the day so it’s always in the background from my stereo. And I have a kick-ass system in my car! lol Have a good one, Jonathan

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I have it on most of the day normally, bass jammed on max, volume up high. Probably why my ears ring all the time! lol

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I can’t remember a day when I didn’t listen to music

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Music is like a drug and can evoke a lot of emotions for me.

Plus I play, so of course I listen to music! I have been getting into jazz and classical trying I am burned out on metal,blues,rap and hip hop too much of it.

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Umm, do you count the music that is (almost) always playing in my head???

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@ccrow – Sure why not.. lol

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I listen to music at the following times:

– When in a car with my family
– After a shower on a day where I don’t have lectures. The reason is because I get up pretty late on the days when I do have lectures because my lectures mostly start at 9am.
– Sometimes when playing poker or doing lab reports/essays
– When I am upstairs on my computer
– Sometimes when cooking I listen to my iPod

As for the times at which I listen to music, below is a link to some nice graphs showing them. They were plotted by looking at the statistics that collect from my listening habits which is collected from my iPod (since last April when I got it) and when I listen to music from iTunes.

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I listen to music whenever I have to walk somewhere that will take five minutes or more, or whenever I’m a passenger in a car. It annoys pretty much everyone who I hang out with.

I also write music, and I actually listen to things I’ve written a lot. I sometimes wonder how egocentric it is for me to listen to my own compositions and arrangements all the time, but I soon stop because all that gets in the way of thinking about myself.

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Every day for at least an hour independently. Sometimes I’ll have it on in the background while I do chores or cook. I’ll listen when I’m on a train or while working out.

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I listen to music all day at work by streaming

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I don’t listen to music when:

I’m sleeping
I’m in a meeting or class where I need to focus on whomever is speaking
I’m talking on the phone
I’m underwater

Other than that, I always have my ipod, the radio, or itunes playing.

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every time i’m in the car. every time i exercise. almost all the time i’m on the computer, and sometimes when i sleep. and usually when i sleep and i’m listening to a certain band, i dream about them. the other night i dreamt i was a beatle!

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I would say a couple of hours everyday. I listen to the radio in the car on the way to and from work (and wherever else I may be travelling to obviously) and then usually a listen to some music at home if I am just pottering around/not doing anything in particular. I would say though that I don’t listen to nearly as much music as I used to.

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All the time. Even when I’m watching TV, the radio is playing in the kitchen., I just have to have noise going all the time. It’s always on in the car, too, of course. Music is a huge part of my life.

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I listen to music several hours a day. On the work commute, while I’m cooking dinner, when I go for a walk. It has really increased since I got my ipod because now I can listen to it wherever I go.

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I wake up to music and make it a large part of my daily life.

Don’t really understand people who don’t have record collections.

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A good part of my day, but especialy when I am cooking. I don’t seem to be able to cook without music on.

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When I’m at home, it’s usually in the background. I fall asleep with music. When I’m cleaning, I’ve got Pandora blaring and I’m a happy little domestic goddess.

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I guesstimate that I listen to music at least 4–5 hours a day.
I listen to music when I wake up and get ready for work/class. I listen to music in the car when I go to lunch. I have music playing while I study and draw. I listen to music when I’m shopping, while I’m browsing.

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Everyday I listen to music.

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Constantly, as much as I can! Always while I’m on my computer (listening to music right now :) ), in the car, sometimes while I’m reading, in the background a lot… On a normal day, anywhere from 3–8 hours. Maybe about 2 (sometimes three) days a week I listen to music for less than 3 hours.

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Well I seem to be the only one who doesn’t listen to music. I do know quite a lot about it but I prefer the silence. Only when I’m giving a party I arrange playlists. There must be more people?

I do like live music and concerts, at home I prefer il silencio!

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