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Why are more 'great answers' handed out than 'great questions'?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16538points) December 12th, 2009

If we are to “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers” (Voltaire), then why do we here on Fluther hand out more great answers than great questions?
I am guilty of this too, so I am not being critical of any jellies.

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__’cause the answers are better than the questions?__

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I forget to scroll up to the top.

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just haven’t thought about it i guess

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Because answers outnumber questions logarithmically?

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@johnpowell Lol!

@pdworkin True, but totals are a bad way to analyse it. I haven’t done a tally, but it seems that few questions get more than five great questions, while several answers per question get more than five great answers.
Edit: Ratios are probably the best way to analyse it. I may just be wrong in my assumption, but I don’t have the time to go through and look at the data. Maybe Fluther has access to these statistics…..

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Beause everyone is searching for the answer in the life.

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Answers outnumber questions.

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@azlotto See my response addressed to @pdworkin.

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Possibly because they’re worth more.

Maybe we should change that.

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@andrew Actually the way and proportions in which points are awarded is one of the things I immediately liked about Fluther after coming from Windows Live QnA. I think their value should stay the same.

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If you change this I am going to Answer Bag, andrew.

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I think it’s because of the placement of the link for Great Answer vs. Great Question. If you want to give someone a GA, it’s below the text of their question. So it flows naturally to read what they have written and then give them lurve. If you’re reading someone’s question, the link for Great Question is above the body of the question. So we would have to finish reading and then scroll back up to give them lurve. I’m not saying we’re too lazy to scroll up and give a GQ, but the link is a lot more salient in an answer than a question. If you’re just casually reading something, you might just skip it in favor of scrolling down and reading more.

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There are so few, I assumed most people don’t notice the link.

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Rather than a philosophical issue, it might just be a site layout thing…while reading the premise of the question I get all concentrate-y and forget to give points. Doesn’t mean that what I answer I think to be ass.

Another thing I noticed is that, while Fluther complements maturity, intelligence and wisdom, it also has a thing for smart ass and witty answers, and most active questions often seem to become forum discussion like where people exchange humour.

Not saying it’s a bad thing, not at all, but it is visible, and could be one reason.

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