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Other than your own, which accent would you like to have?

Asked by strange1 (1203points) December 15th, 2009

is there an accent you would adopt? What makes other accents appealing? Would you go so far as to adopt a different accent? is there anyone you know that has done this?

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I would love to be able to speak like Queen Elizabeth II. But I would probably do it only
when I was home alone and just because I could.

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I’ve always said “Transylvanian-Texan”. ;)

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Probably Russian or Turkish.

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I would love to have a British accent. Hot!!

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I’ve heard both German and Romanian accents, I find them so sexy and charming…I want one.

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a british accent

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Goood Gawd man!! I woulhd luv to sound like Sean Connery!!

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All the aussie kids say they love my yank accent, but I love the aussie twang and am slowly picking it up!

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Not sure what his accent is, but I wouldn’t mind having the tenor and diction of James Earl-Jones.

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A heavy Indian accent sounds fun. I particularly like how they their t’s always sound like v’s and vice versa. Back in high school I had an Indian teacher who taught my Algebra and Calculus classes, and while most other students seemed to really dislike her—she was my favorite part of the day. There’s an Indian man who works at a convenience store downtown and I always walk an extra block just to hear his voice!

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@Gokey I think Indian accents and Southeast Asian accents are so pretty. I have a friend who’s from India and I love listening to her talk.

Call me old fashioned, but I’d like to have a French accent.

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@Gokey – yes, I love the Indian accent also and West Indies, that sing song sort of flow is so neat!

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Don’t tell anyone, but when I’m alone and talking to myself, I use a British accent.

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Aussie or British fo shoooo

MacBean's avatar


Or northern English.

Or my own NY accent, just with the weird bits of Boston and Maine taken out of it. wth, where did they come from?

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Irish! I’m not entirely sure if I’d actually like to adopt it myself, but I know I love listening to the men speak. :D

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I would like to add Scottish to my list.

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I have a Scottish RP accent, but can also turn on a strong South East London dialect and English RP if I need to – I grew up in SE London, where being “the Scottish kid” was not always an advantage.

If I were to state a preference for another accent, it would be this.

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I am an accent expert, because… it’s easier to learn how to speak with that countries accent rather then learn the whole language!

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British people can cuss a mo-fo out and make that shlitz sound like Shakespeare.

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Not sure I’d like to have another accent, but I’d be happy to listen to a Canadian all day long!

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For English? I always wanted to able to talk like Montgomery Scott.

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Australian would be nice.

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Oh, I’d like to sound as if I’d gone to Harrow for school.

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I see a LOT of you would like to talk like a British person!
I take it you all mean Hugh Grant and NOT Sean Bean?
I have a Yorkshire accent and speak like Sean but there a a hell of of a lot of different accents in the UK!

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I’m all aboot the Canadian/ Northern Wisconsin/ Minnesota accent. How aboot you, eh?

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@Mat74UK: I was a little more specific than just “British”! I think I like the Lancashire area’s accent the best, but I’d take Sean Bean’s accent over Hugh Grant’s any day of the week, thanks. I’m also partial to how they talk in Lincs. I was absolutely head-over-heels for a girl from Bourne for years.

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Scousers’ accents are rather musical, actually.

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@aprilsimnel: That’s like Ringo, yeah? (And, you know, the rest of the Beatles, too, but Ringo’s accent always seemed the strongest to me. Not sure if it really was or if his whole voice was just more distinctive than the others’.)

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I’ve heard Tom Baker use it, too (he does so ~1:26). ‘E’s a Scouser as well, and his is lovely.

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@MacBean I’m actually from North Lincs/South Yorks!

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How about ALL of them, like this girl….

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I love a Yorkshire or a Geordie (northeastern England) accent. You sound so cool and no-one can tell what the f. you’re saying! I do understand Scousers however most of the time, since I am married to one.

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A British accent adds charm and sophistication to even the simplest sentences, so that’s what I’d choose.

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@lonelydragon Some British accents add charm and sophistication, some just add unintelligibility. :-)

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@Haleth @rooeytoo Yes! The lovely singsong effect—Indian accents are as smooth as silk. They’re so soothing, I always felt so calm and relaxed in those math classes. While all the other kids were making snide remarks amongst themselves, I was sitting at my desk thinking Ahhh.

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I have an English accent, more specifically a slight “west country” accent although I have only picked this up in the last few years as before we settled in the south-west we were always moving to different places in England and I never had time to pick up an accent. I’m originally from Portsmouth though.

Accents I love are New York American (think Barbra Streisand!), Scottish, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and my cousins accent which is mostly English but with a Australian twang (she spent the first couple of decades of her life here in England but moved to Australia when she married).

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Definitely Russian. It sounds amazing. :)

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@Leanne1986 – Babs is just Brooklynese. In her youth, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx had different accents, believe it or not.

I have a pal who is fluent in about 5 different European languages, but is most fluent in Italian. She had me repeat some Italian words back to her and proclaimed me to have a Venetian accent.

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@aprilsimnel Barbra was just an example because I love her accent so much. I also like the Queens accent.

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Oh, OK. Just sayin’. All those accents are disappearing, too. I have yet to hear a NYC born and raised person under 35 who could naturally say, “Nicky Arnstein, Nicky Arnstein… He’s got polish on his nayuls!?”

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@aprilsimnel Will you be my friend? I appreciate anyone who can quote a Barbar movie. :D

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ITALIAN!!!!! of course…..

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I like the Austarlian accent the best. But I also love the New York and Southern accents!

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@Cruiser & I’d love to listen to ya!

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The strong Scottish accent mixed with the heavy Cockney one. Wouldn’t that be ‘weeckid’? **laughs, loudly**

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