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What type of person would be the least likely to get elected for President?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) December 22nd, 2009

I know it really shouldn’t matter, but it always ends up having a small part in the outcome. What do you think makes the most difference (besides their beliefs)? Race, whether they’re fat or not, whether they have a beard or not, etc.

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I’m assuming you mean in the United States…

An atheist. I’m pretty sure we’ll see women presidents, gay presidents, etc. before we see an atheist president. Regardless, I hope to see one in my lifetime.

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An honest man or woman.

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A non-Christian.

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A foreigner? Someone like me who has never yet been to the US cannot be President as far as I am aware.

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@FireMadeFlesh Someone not born in the US can’t, as per the Constitution, be a president.

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In recent history, a capable one.

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Kurt Cobain.

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A dead one.

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Anyone whose income hovers around the poverty level..

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A homeless person. Someone without a college degree. Someone with severe mental disabilities. A crackhead. I could go on..

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@Freedom_Issues The third point might be arguable!

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A gay atheist abortion doctor?

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An atheist, because atheists are the least trusted minority in the US.

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To get nominated, one has to be perceived as someone charismatic, caring, capable of getting the respect of the top people in the Military, someone who has a history of being a team player and yet someone with fresh ideas that will excite the base of the party, attract new members, appeal to the independents, inspire hope and the desire to bring about change yet maintain the values and practices the define the party.

In other words, they must be someone who can talk out of both sides of their mouth and yet seem to be honorable and steadfast. They must know quite a bit about a wide variety of topics and yet heaven forbid, avoid coming across as an intellectual who by definition must be out of touch with the common or average man.

This excludes people without access to huge financial assets, without powerful and rich friends, honest and firmly ethical people who will resist the pressures to serve the powerful lobbyists, the tobacco, automotive, arms suppliers, insurance and for profit providers of health care to the rich or well insured and so on.

So when you eliminate the intellectual leaders, the uncorruptable, the visionaries that won’t stand still for the status quo, those detached from the rich power brokers listed above and independent thinkers you are left with the gutless, ignorant and those who resist any information that does not fit with what they devoutly believe to be universally true, those easily manipulated by advisers provided by the lobbyists, industry spokespeople, and party hack.

The brightest, the independent thinkers, the visionaries need not put themselves forward for nominations.

This explains how G.W. Bush got elected.

Except for rare exceptions like Barack Obama who created a groundswell of support by large numbers of people tired of all the lies and deceit, the future candidates will be useless and dangerous Charismatic dodo’s like Saint Sarah Palin of Alaska who so far has not fulfilled an term of any high office, and other easily packaged dilatants who will do as their told and keep those to whom they are beholding rich, fat, and satisfied at the expense of electors – citizens like you!

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@timtrueman You mean openly-gay Presidents. We have had one or two who were in the closet.
As far as mentally handicapped, I am convinced W. was.

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A non-Christian. An openly gay or transexual person.

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A real Christian… not just one who claims to be one to get votes or.. for whatever reason those politicians do it.

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A person who really isn’t a citizen of the United States.

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An honest, openly gay, black woman who is a trans-sexual atheist that makes her living as an abortion doctor and has been convicted of child molestation.

I think…this IS America we’re talking about.

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@Sarcasm Hence my answer. I am aware of Arnie’s situation.

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An honest person who would place the best interests of the United States Citizens above those of the interests of Israel.

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A gay atheist who believes in telling the truth.

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A Hollywood Actor…

Wait, scratch that one.

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@Dr_Lawrence And now we’re finding out that Obama is nothing more than gift-wrapped vapor along with all the rest.

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“Obama is nothing more than gift-wrapped vapor ”

You just found this out? :-)

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Honest people can not win.
I want a real Independent who dislikes extremes. I want someone who supports Middle Class America.
All Politicians are full of bullshit.
I miss Lou Dobbs. He put both sides in their place.

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“Honest people can not win.”

What does that have to do with politics? In order to get things accomplished, politically. There will always be someone getting a knife in the back.

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The least likely presidential candidate would be a short, honest, dark complected, female intellectual that truly had workable solutions to our national and international problems.

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