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So did I understand the role of governments correctly?

Asked by windex (2932points) December 24th, 2009

Is it not to tax its people and screw us as hard as possible, and promise (lies) all sorts of things to its people?

And for the people to apply and work for the government and try to move as slowly as possible while accomplishing nothing. And for the rest of the citizens to try to cheat on their taxes and screw the government back as hard as possible and get all sorts of money and help from it while not getting caught?

and for the few honest citizens (I’m sure everyone here is JC) to suffer and barely survive?

And for all the hard working politicians to steal as much money as they can and give all the contracts to companies they own and/or are a part of, while getting reelected for another 23456789 years?


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Need a hug?

Or maybe a copy of Walden?

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Yep, that pretty much covers it.

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Have a belt, and a Valium. Don’t Panic,

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Who is paying for the Valium?

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That’s not the role of governments, but, it is a fairly accurate observation. But there are some things you can do. No, I’m not going to say vote.

1. Establish your own militia of like-minded individuals and overthrow the government.
2. Move to a country with a better government.
3. Wait for 12/21/12.

Sure, it will come to pass as any other day. After all, if the Maya could predict the future, how was Cortez able to conquer them? And questions of doom are more fun than questions of government corruption.

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Somebody didn’t get a Christmas bonus!!

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@Cruiser he got it…he’s just heard that it’s going to pay for healthcare for illegal immigrants.

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@Fluthermucker my point exactly…the bonus he expected would have taken care of his HC worries…now he is pissed!!

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I think that the downstairs neighbor got mine then. Meh. He is 100% disability and was as Khe Sahn, so he needs them more than I do.

@Futomara Some people who are scared by the impending arrival of the Sixth World are also worried about Obama being the last President.

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@jerv Obama is president? I would’ve bet on George Soros. Ohhh, that’s right, he’s Swedish or something, right?

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The problem with the government is that people like you get to elect politicians.

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I know…ain’t it grand?

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No. It’s not grand.

You believe that government has no beneficial role to play in society. So you vote for people who also believe this. It’s like seeking out a doctor who hates the medical profession.

The result is that people who think government is pointless get elected to govern. With depressing but predictable results (see 2000 to 2008).

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Blah, blah…waaaaa, waaaaaa…blah, blah, blah.

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In a democracy “people get the governments they deserve.”

GA Qingu

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@Fluthermucker, I love it when conservatives paint liberals as “whiners” when you’re the one doing all the bitching and complaining in this thread. “The government is oppressing us, Marxism, death panels, war on Christmas, wah wah wah.”

It’s textbook projection.

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@Qingu Don’t bother. It’s been proven that there are two types of Conservatives right now; those that are disillusioned with the current state/direction of the Republican party and those that had a hard time graduating from the 5th grade.
Those in the latter group tend to be into fear-mongering and rabble-rousing, but can’t even read those words because they have too many syllables. They also like spamming and hate facts, rationality, and logic.
Just do what you do with any other misbehaving 3-year-old; send the little bastard to his room.

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Declination of moral standards is the only contributor to all of it, and nothing will change unless this process is reversed. Every individual must accept responsibilities by improving their own moral standards.

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@Qingu I guess we shall see who is right in the end, huh? I look forward to the future of the Dimocratic Party. By the way, where in this thread did you read that I said, “The government is oppressing us, Marxism, death panels, war on Christmas, wah wah wah.”?

Project much, yourself? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaa. You fail epically.

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@nitemer I agree with you to a point, but I have a problem with the fact that many of the people who cite a decline in morality wish for a return to how things were back when segregation was legal, women were property, etcetera. People should take more personal responsibility, but you have to watch out for what other morality you wish to impose on others.

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You obviously didn’t look up what projection is.

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@Qingu Why? Fox News has all the facts he needs and everything else is false, if not an outright Socialist conspiracy :D

@Fluthermucker It’s obvious that you are actually a Communist seeking to discredit Conservatives everywhere by making them look like idiots. Considering that this country has swung to far to the Right anyways, you are doing a great job of steering this country in a more Liberal direction so it will return to center. Thank you for sacrificing your personal dignity for the greater good of our great nation, and keep up the good work :)

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Morality is not imposed by anyone, it has nothing to do with legalities, it is a set of standards by which an individual lives, it includes avoiding activities that should not be committed by conscientious individuals. We are not going back to any where in our past. As progressive societies we should only look forward and correct past and ongoing immoralities.

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@nitemer Okay, that sounds decent enough. It’s just that ”..activities that should not be committed by conscientious individuals.” is a bit vague and I get a little worried about grey areas like that. I mean, I think we all agree that murder, rape, and theft are wrong, but what about homosexuality, eating bacon, and women exposing their ankles? Drafting up a set of standards would be a bitch, especially since just about everybody thinks that they are morally acceptable.

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All governments screw the people who put them in power,as they are only in politics for personal gain.Its the same all the world over,and that includes communist countries.

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I completely agree with @Qingu. Cynical people elect cynical politicians. Science-illiterate people elect science-illiterate politicians like Sarah Palin who thinks fruit fly research is a waste of money.

People who think taxes are a bad thing prefer to screw their grandchildren leaving them all the debt.

It’s my observation that very often it’s people who screw their governments. For example greedy managers who fired thousands of people so companies’ share prices and bonuses go up. Let the government deal with all the unemployed. Ask the government to create jobs (which is an impossible task). It’s ethical managers and entrepreneurs who have the capability to create or save jobs.

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Just to “defend” myself.
Society is lucky that I don’t care much for politics. If I did, I would rule with an iron fist and PWN people SOO MUCH and not let ANYONE get away with ANYTHING. I would push everyone so hard to be at their best and do their best to make this world a better place for our next generations…

but I don’t care about “them”
This is not my shit to clean up, I do my part, I try to do everything I can to be a good human being myself, I’m not gonna try to help those who don’t want my help and/or police any1

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@windex – I understand your reasoning. But functioning societies need a critical mass of people who care about politics. Otherwise it doesn’t work. Democracy is a blessing and we should not take it for granted.

Pushing everyone too hard to be at their best won’t get you the best result as strange as this may sound.

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