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What is a good thing to say to a guy who only looks at your chest and not you?

Asked by snowberry (25721points) December 29th, 2009

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“I’m up here.”

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Nothing, just show them and take away the mystery.

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“My eyes are up here.”

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I usually start looking at their chest and don’t make eye contact. It gets the point across :)

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I would just ignore it… anything you say is just going to enourage him.

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My friend used to say “They’re not allowed to date.”

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Well we’re only enjoying the view.

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“I’ll take this as a compliment.”
99% of the time, don’t stare at people when I talk to them, or when they talk to me. So if he can’t take his eyes off of you, thats’ a good thing.

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It would be nice if you kept me “a breast” as well.

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ask him if he has ever seen the peak of Mount Everest

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I always tilt my head a little and speak to his package and say “hi there, I’m up here.”

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Fuck off is a good thing to say.

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Punch him in the balls and when he says “WHY!!!!” you say “YOU KNOW WHY!”

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“Don’t worry, they’re not goin’ anywhere”

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I usually just gradually bend my knees so that my eyes are at that level. Raised eyebrows helps the effect.

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Why bother saying anything? He’s clearly not interested in what’s coming out of your mouth. Walk away. He’s not worth your time.

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@MrItty – Wholeheartedly agree.

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@MrItty Since when is it mandatory to stare at someone’s mouth in order to hear them?

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Stare at his crotch?....

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Stop talking, when he asks why, tell him. And walk away.

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@Sarcasm it’s not. It is, however, mandatory to not stare at her tits.

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Staring is bad. Glancing is fine. If I didn’t want you to notice, I wouldn’t be wearing something low cut.

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“my eyes are up here asshole”

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@JesusWasAJewbot The guys I’ve done it to haven’t really appreciated it, but then again I don’t really care for the girls to be talked to and not me.

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@Sarcasm not the mouth! The eyes!

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“Meet the twins.”

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It’s only puppy love.

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@delirium The gradual knee-bend idea is funny. It reminds me of a scene in the office where Jim kept looking at Dwight’s forehead instead of looking him in the eye, and Dwight kept jumping around trying to get eye contact.

Good question. It’s seriously annoying when this happens.

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It’s funny. Ask this question in another way, and people are much more charitable.

Often, a guy can’t help it. The instinct to look at her breasts makes the eyes move before any conscious thought has occurred. Now, if a guy leaves his gaze on the girls, then sure, do what you will. But if he looks at you in between looking at your breasts, is that a problem?

I have found that some women have a pair I can’t keep my eyes off of. If I focus hard enough to keep my eyes on her face, I can’t hear what she’s saying. If I look, I can’t hear what she’s saying because I’m busy worrying about how bad this looks. I can’t win. So fuck it.

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“I’ve got eyes in the back of my head too”.

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Why would you want to say anything to anyone so rude and uncultivated?

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I generally always stop myself looking. I’d say it’s a glance at most merely out of instinct. But I always stop myself looking longer than a second. So any guy who doesnt deserves whatever you throw a him. Some of the above techniques are quite amusing. and most likely embarressing enough to prevent future offenses

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@daloon I do get what you’re saying. I’m a bi woman so I understand both sides of this. Sometimes it’s just hard not to look. You can’t help it, it’s just instinctive. They just look so… nice. There’s a big difference between a quick glance and not being able to look away, though. Outside of a situation where you’re about to jump each other’s bones, it feels like shit to know that someone isn’t listening to you because they’re just looking at your body. If you’re a guy, you don’t have to deal with people paying less attention to your opinions because they’re just thinking about sexual stuff.

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@Haleth No, they don’t pay attention because they think I’m full of shit.

Between being dismissed because of sexual attributes or being dismissed because of elimination functions, I think I’d rather be dismissed because I was hot, not smelly.

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My best friend has large breasts and sometimes wears clothes that show them off. I’m not bi by any means, but sometimes it’s difficult if they are in your face not to stare.

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Get a t-shirt made that has an arrow pointing up and says “FACE!”

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@Yetanotheruser Ha ha ha ha! That’s a good one! Only problem is that the guy who needs it might not get the message.

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