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Who are you?

Asked by Cotton101 (3439points) December 31st, 2009

When you come on a new site, you see avatars that you have no idea what they mean etc. Also, you cannot click on every member to see what they do, married or not, where they live etc.

Myself, grew up in Oxford, Ms, a graduate of the University of Mississippi with a major in History. Was a teacher and coach my first 11 years and then went to work for a major insurance company and worked for 25 years and retired at age 57. Been playing golf for 42 years and play a lot of tournament golf as my handicap is a 5. Have only one child, and my son graduated from the University of Virginia, got his MBA from Kellogg’s at Northwestern University. Have two wonderful grandchildren.

Looking forward to hearing from my friends here.

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An over-educated austic cabon unit, species homo sapiens. Generally a waste of space and oxygen. My only useful skills are getting high grades on standardized tests, the ability to shoot 700+ in UIT 50m pistol and the ability to score 10s with boring regularity on the 1000 yard rifle range.

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I am born and raised in the Chicago area, am now president of the company I have worked for over 14 years now. Studied Radio TV and Film at a state university. Married with 2 boys. Love the outdoors, cooking, music. I am a pretty good guitarist and piano player. I love good humor and people with a good sense of humor which is greatly needed if you ever get to know me. I love to swim, do yoga and meditate to keep my skull and body fit.

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your question has such a nice ring to it. Someone should use it in a song.

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Just anothher CaRbOnPrOdUcT.

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Grew up in Harlem, NY with my mother…moved to Miami, FL when i was 15 to live with my father (was a bad teenager). He then gave me the boot at 18 when i moved to Orlando, FL. I went to college there and also worked for the Department of Transportation doing Traffic Management. I then moved back to Miami, FL when i was 21 for about 6 months and now i live in the Bronx, NY. I play a lot of video games if im not outside, do side computer work like networking or basic repairs and love trying new beers. Funny how things go full circle. Im now 22 years old, back where i started without much to show for it but a lot of college under my belt and a lot of work.

Always looking forward though.

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I’m 24 years old, and I have lived in Colorado all my life. I recently graduated from college, where I was studying ecology. I now work for an environmental consulting firm that specializes in restoration. I love the outdoors, and photography, but my passion would have to be scuba diving. I love laughing, and people who can make me laugh.

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7 things I’m NOT: Into sports. Married. As old as my avatar. A drinker. A Twitterer. A war veteran. Intentionally unkind. Very good at talking about myself.

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Born and raised in Oakland (a city I love). I have worked for the phone company for 32 years, and been married for 25 years. I am remarkably stable, considering the voices I hear in my head.

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Make that 8.

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@UScitizen You know you’re right…now who might that someone be?

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Born at a very early age… Devon, England, Son of a Petty Officer in the Royal Navy so moved around a bit, Schooled in England and Scotland, Lived in scotland since the age of 9, Served in the Sea Cadets, then the Army, Ran my own Entertainment business for 18 years, Worked in the Bingo Industry as a Manager, Survived Cancer and my first marriage, got 3 lovely grand-daughters. My avatar is me as Homer Simpsons Cousin. Now that’s a potted history…..

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I am an asian, probably depressed teen that just graduated from high school and did well enough to enter university in Australia. I spend so much time contemplating about life that it has become a burden. Currently in pursuit of happiness.

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@scotsbloke LOLL…love it..born at a very early age! Humor is the spice of life my friend!

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Hi, I am 30 years old, 31 tomorrow, new years day. I grew up in Nottinghanshire, England. I am an only child. I am 5“2 with red hair. I moved to Lincolnshire in England 4 years ago where I met the love of my life. I was made redundant last year and I am waiting to hear about a job I went for an interview for last week. Not much more to tell, I am a bit of a loner, I don’t have any friends in the real world. That is why I like this site because I can have friends without the hassle of having to socialise! I don’t want much out of life only to love and be loved. I just want to feel secure in my life and look after my man and be happy.

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17. Female. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. I am East Indian. I like to believe I’m adopted. I haven’t gone to sleep in 24 hours. I have really bad insomnia. That’s about all that I know (or all that is constant) in my life right now.

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Only child. 5’8”. Very clearly Asian. Born in Hong Kong, Beijing for kindergarten, Melbourne for 3 years, Guangzhou for high school, back to Hong Kong for college. Graduated in the summer, am now 21 (feeling young, and old at the same time), tutoring on the side, and basically jobless and wondering (wandering too!) about life. In a complicated situation with a boyfriend who is American and can’t move, and being together would mean getting married, essentially.

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@naivete wow, to be so young and have insomnia! That is rare for a young person. Thank you so much for your answer!

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@Cotton101 Is it rare? I am intrigued.

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@naivete actually it is…as most young people are carefree and don’t have a lot on thier mind.

btw, once in my lifetime had isomnia real bad. Put a TV in my bedroom with a sleep timer and it was the best thing i ever did…would go to sleep and the tv would cut off…it gets “stuff” off your mind. Thinking in the bed is not good..

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I’m just me affected & shaped by everything around me, I’m the son of a wonderful mother & a deceased father whom I never met, growing up was a constant battle with siblings & the narrow minds of my pears, having to constantly defend the lack of the presents of my father my skin became very thick, school was hard, although my attendance was great in my mind I was always elsewhere, I grew up in the school of hard knocks my education becoming very extensive although not with any academic certificates, awards or grades I achieved great rewards through many of my experiences & hard graft, I’m a realist under no illusions & have learned from many a lesson, I make my own choices & take my own direction, I’ve no time whatsoever for religion in any shape or form, I’ve no time for bunkum!!……. my avatar reflects me, respect me I’ll be a friend for life, mock me & I bite…

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@Scooby oh Scooby, will never mock you in shape, fashion, or form..don’t like to get bit..loll..

thank you for your answer my friend!

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your liberator

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@mammal GREAT !!!!!!! Everyone needs one those!

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Wow…some only children here. Me, too. I’ve been married to the same man for 42 years. We have two daughters, 3 grandkids. We’re living in the same house that my parents built when I was 3. We moved to Texas in ‘83…moved back up here in ‘05. I’m Iowa born, but my heart is still in Texas. Anything else I said here would just be a repeat of my profile statement, so I’ll just stop at this.

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I am an artist formerly known as Roger Daltry ;)

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I am cranky, Jewish, skinny, superannuated and a baseball fan, and I can cook pretty well.

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Born quite small – 20 inches, with no teeth and bald. Had nothing to do for much of the day except eat, sleep and cry.

Now I am taller, eat selectively, have lots of hair & teeth, I am wiser and laugh a lot.

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@pdworkin and a whiz with computers & a good friend. :-)

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I’m a simple girl living a happy simple life.

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I’ve traveled a lot in my life. And I mean a lot. My parents have not exactly been the kind of folk others want to be around. So, and this is not paranoia, a lot of people have been hunting us for a very long time. In fact, my sister, we believe, is being held hostage. That’s why we travel. We’ve been looking for her. We are, in fact, the last of our kind. The blood line ends with us. Unless we find my sister, and even then…

I was born on the hot rocks of the Saharan desert. It was a lonely place in those days. I never saw anything green until I was in my adolescence. My parents were overprotective, I think. After my sister was taken, y father was always telling me how much I disappointed him. I think he was devastated by the loss of my sister, and someone I could never match up.

When I was old enough, we started to travel. Mostly by air. It was faster, and we had a lot of ground to cover and we had to be fast. Fortunately, my parents had trained me well in this skill. We were all good fliers. Better than any fighter pilot up until the Korean War.

I’m small. Only 5’2” at my shoulder. Only 450 kilos. Maybe that’s another thing my father held against me. But my wings are such that I am highly maneuverable. This was good up until the development of the Jet. Then we couldn’t go fast enough, and we had to become ground creatures.

Our greatest treasure is one egg. In that egg, perhaps, is the future of our species. But unless we find my sister, we have no hope. So our quest continues. Bu having lived 500 years, or so, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge, and learned a lot about humans. Sometimes, I have even had the chance to talk to one. I am jealous of a species that has so many others to keep them company. You are lucky. I don’t think you appreciate how lucky you are.

Anyway, that’s a little about me. I dare not say too much, and what I have said my not contain much truth, for we must hide in plain sight. Or not. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself. Oh. My father says I’m ugly, for a dragon. My mother is not so unkind, but it is hard to keep going in our situation, and sometimes I wonder why we cling to life so tenaciously. Be well, my human friends. If some day you see a strange shadow in the sky, be amazed, for it may be I.

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@daloon You got my attention!

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Now I know why Daloon’s arsh has black spots on it…but, not in bad shape to be over 500 years old!

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@Cotton101 It’s actually very common for teenagers to suffer from insomnia and they aren’t as carefree as you think. There are more things to worry about because it is a significant time in their lives when they are growing physically and mentally, there is much more pressure and stress of studying and figuring out what to do next.

I don’t think most people realise how widespread depression is amongst teenagers as well. Perhaps being a teen was different when you were growing up but things have certainly changed now. Teenagers have more to worry about than their parents in some cases.

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@HumourMe Ummmmm..well, hate to hear that! Having been a teenager in the trubulent 60’s, we had a lot of our plate also. But, never had any problems sleeping!

Thank you HumorMe for the update!

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@HumourMe Who in their right mind would say teenagers are care-free?
<<< That is what my head looks like. I’m a 20 year old woman. I’m an only child which probably accounts for everything from VA. I’m 5’1, 145 lbs, size 6. I go to school online for psychology. I will be moving to NJ in a few days. I have a boyfriend of about 2.5 years. He’s going on 27. I’m a Christian.I’m an advocate for nappy hair. I don’t want children. I hate being cold. I have obsessive thoughts and am coming out of a substantial depression. I have a new-found love of wearing black. I like to smile at strange men and make them feel uncomfortable teehee. Puckish.

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I am a pokemon that likes to do nothing but eat all day and all night according to my avatar.

Really, I am a 35 year old woman in the Chicagoland area, with a husband and two daughters. I’m also a high school business teacher who loves my career! I also love to read and do yoga.

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Oh man I love mudkip

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and I love MikeHunt

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I show who I am on this site through my answers, and I think I’ve learned a great deal of valuable information about other flutherites and their personalities and lives that way as well.

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@daloon I’ll give you directions….’-)

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@TitsMcGhee cool…and your profile tells anyone anything they would want to know about TitsMcGee!

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@daloon I was a little into your answer and feeling outraged for you until I caught on! @Cotton101 Nice question. I’m a 55 year old Canadian woman who has lived all my life in Red Deer, Alberta. I graduated as a nurse in1974, worked until I had my son in 1981 and then was lucky enough to be able to stay home and raise our kids. I did a refresher course and went back to nursing for the last 10 years. Somewhere in there I was divorced. I love to talk, don’t love fighting or head games, stuffiness. Love to laugh, read, my gardens, Q&A sites! I have severe arthritis so can’t work anymore. I’m having a hardtime looking forward to more years of this and just getting worse. Thank Gawd for pills. I enjoy your posts on inquire as well.

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I’m British, 43, married with a bright and beautiful daughter of 21. I was born in a rural village but I now live in the country’s 3rd largest city (Manchester) and I love it here, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Actually I couldn’t go back to country living as I have a visual disability which means I can’t ever drive a car, so I need to live somewhere with a good public transport network. And before you ask, no I don’t miss it. I don’t mind visiting but more than a few days and it bores me to death.

I am an amateur singer; for the past 20-odd years I’ve been involved with the local folk music scene and I also do a mean karaoke when I get the chance. My other hobbies are painting, drawing and writing. I’m working on a novel in 2010.

I’m sociable, somewhat extrovert and I describe myself as an optimistic realist. I’m an atheist but also on the search to rediscover a spiritual side of myself that I lost somewhere along the way. I’m also transgendered; born female but identify as male and will hopefully be embarking on a journey of transition soon.

And I think I will paste this into my profile. :-D

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@faye nice answer…loll..made my day!

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They usually call me “The One Who Should Not Be Named”.

I like zombies. And horror movies. Also, pillows.

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I’m Allie.
I’m a Californian, 5’9’’ and not afraid to wear heels even if they do make me 6’0’’, I’m a college senior applying to grad schools, I’m a jelly, an only child, someones best friend, a drinker, an occasional smoker, a burrito/honey/candy/cereal lover (but not all together), I can sleep for dayssss, I hate onions, I’m an extrovert, a people person, and genuinely caring, I’m smart, I like all kinds of music, I have a good sense of humor, I have no idea how I’m supposed to punctuate this answer so I’ll just put a lot of commas, I’m 22, I’m single, I make awesome jello shots, an animal and nature lover, a world traveler, a lover not a fighter… and I wish for whirled peas.
Nice to meet you.

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@Allie love that!

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Ya welcome cotton!! & Happy new year!! ;-)
how do ya highlight with the red @ when replying??? :-/ yeah I know I’m dumb!!

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@Scooby it does it itself. Do the @...& a drop box will come down with the posters names. Just click on the one you want & it’ll put it up for you…in red.

And no, you’re not dumb. You’re new & you’re learning. Welcome aboard. :-)

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Who am I? I wonder the same thing sometimes. I’m 21, I live in the great state of Michigan, I’m really tall and skinny with messy hair. I go to community college and I like it a lot. I live at home, I don’t like that a lot. Basically, I’m a combination of a lot of things. Nerd, jock, introvert, extrovert, loud, quiet, arrogant, shy…a melting pot of characteristics.

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I am Me, Myself, and I. Who are you?

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Contrary to what anyone might think, I’m a private person. Very private. I don’t like to say much about myself because it is possible that someone from my real life might recognize me. There is a lot about me out there, but it’s spread out all over the place. Someone would have to be very dedicated to go through all my answers to figure it out. Extremely dedicated. Stalkerishly dedicated.

But I will say some of the stuff I’m open about. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a couple of years ago. I’ve been in therapy since then and am taking a variety of meds to control it. I’ve learned a lot since my diagnosis about mental illness. I have a wife and children who I love very much, but my relationship with my wife was and is in trouble, and I started seeking out other women to fall in love with. I found them online, although, except in one case, not in person.

I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done, either. I regret hurting people. But I guess I’m selfish, because I put my own need for love ahead of the happiness of my family. I have no defense for this. I have no explanation. The only thing I can think of is that having come very close to death, I decided, subconsciously, that I needed more love.

Everyone tells me I have to find the love internally. I’ve really been working on that, but it hasn’t worked. Maybe I’ve given up.

Anyway, as a result of this selfish behavior, I assume that people will find me distasteful, if not downright evil. Thus my desire for privacy. I have a kind of prickly shell because of this. I focus on trying to help others, but I always feel like it doesn’t matter because of my selfishness. People say otherwise sometimes, but I don’t believe them. Perhaps because in my heart, I have already tried, convicted and condemned myself. I have no way to win. So that’s who I am. I apologize for disappointing anyone.

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37, Occupational Therapist, California girl.

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I’m a 5’3”, blond haired, green eyed mom, youngest sister to five siblings (4 sisters, 1 brother), and loving wife to this guy named Blondesjon. I live in Illinois, but grew up in Las Vegas. I hate sitting on my butt for long periods of time. I love spending my time outdoors and I will try any crazy outdoor adventure, with the exception of sky-diving or spelunking.

I like to listen to Neil Young, OCMS, NIN, Ludacris, Jane’s Addiction, Pearl Jam, Buddy Guy and Primus. I like dark comedies and watching stand up comedians. I worked as a travel agent for a few years before I became a stay at home mom. One of my greatest pleasures is beating my husband at a game of Trivial Pursuit. I’ve been a Denver Bronco fan since 1987.

I’m still trying to catch that walleye in northern Wisconsin I’ve been trying to catch for the past 10 years.

Oh yeah, I make the best peanut butter cookies evah!

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an old bald man with 4 kids a wife and I enjoy having a damn good time no matter how bad the situation…I am the guy that makes people laugh at fear and adversity or has the room busting at the seams in fun at a funeral….oh and I play xbox360

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I’m a 41 year old fat balding guy with glasses.

My functional growing up years occurred in the 70s and 80s so video games are a large part of my life.

I’m currently married and take care of four step-kids.

I’m also the caretaker for three cats, one dog, and two birds.

I am currently in a huge pickle that may force me to fake my own death and assume a new identity.

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@mrentropy That’s possibly the coolest thing I’ve read all day.

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@Symbeline Er, which part was cool?

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@faye I was a little into your answer and feeling outraged for you until I caught on! @Cotton101


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I’m female and I’m short. All else changes.

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I just watched the movie “Flight” with Denzel Washington. At the end of the movie the son asked his father “Who are you”? Some people may point to their profession or other activities to define who they are. But if that is true then who you are changes through time. For example a high school student then a college student then a soldier, then a CEO then a senior citizen. But I think that who you really are doesn’t change much.

Who am I? In a nutshell I’ve always been a struggler who seems to have unlimited perseverance and determination with a true love monotonous hard work and nature. I’m an introverted master of mediocrity who knows a little bit about everything and a lot about nothing.

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