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Does it just amaze you how people can be so unaware of what they're doing when they inconvenience or annoy others?

Asked by Val123 (12734points) January 13th, 2010

Like, the people who stand at the the check out counter at the convenience store scratching lottery tickets while others are waiting. People who buy lottery ticket after lottery ticket with the line behind them getting longer and longer. People who park their carts smack in the middle of the grocery aisle. People yelling into their cell phone…...

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Yes. But you would think I’d be used to it by now.

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The guy in the fast lane going 57mph. Ugh.

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Totally. But do you ever wonder- if other people can be so completely oblivious, what obnoxious things are you* doing that you’re oblivious to?

*not you personally, @Val123 :)

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I feel a social responsibility, then laugh at my apathy for actually saying anything about it though.

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It amazes me how people can be completely oblivious to the unwritten rules of society, but even more does it amaze me how quick people are to anger and frustration. Just deal with it and continue on your way. In the end, it is never an outside source that annoys or frustrates you; you are the one who takes these situations and turns them into a bad thing for yourself.

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@Likeradar Good Answer! I have actually thought that of myself! I try to keep it in the back of my head at all times…, if I do some bonehead thing while driving (doesn’t happen a lot, but we all have our moments) I’ll consider what my reaction would have been had someone else done it. To that end @Smashley I do try to be patient with people, and most of the time I succeed, but sometimes….well, I’m just not that patient with stupidity.

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I am continually amazed by these behaviors. In addition to the ones mentioned above, I cannot believe the number of people who park their shopping cart directly in front of the meat/fill in the department/ case. I mean there is ample room for three or four people to look over the specials on rump roasts or cattle spleen but somebody invariable parks their cart right in front so that only the cart driver can look.

Another annoyance is someone who stands up and blocks a TV screen, say at a sports bar. Everyone is comfortably seated and can see the TV in their site line. Then a big play happens and someone stands up to get a better view thereby blocking everyone else behind them. And then they don’t sit the fuck down! They’ll cheer or boo or high five their dildomates. One dare not say anything for fear of a drunken brawl ensuing.

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Ah, it’s petty shit. I don’t bitch about it.

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That stopped amazing me a while ago, what amazes me now is how many of them keep at it after you make them aware of it.

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In a word, yes. People seem to wander around in these little personal bubbles they can’t see past. I’ve waited tables for many years, so I know I’m more aware of other people and what’s going around me than most (learned habit to avoid knocking someone over/being knocked over while carrying food while working), but it still amazes me sometimes. I hate walking down the street if there are loads of people. It amazes me how people walk in zigzags, or stop suddenly while I’m right behind them, basically completely oblivious to everyone but themselves. I sometimes feel like carrying around a Nerf bat so I can whack them.

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“I sometimes feel like carrying around a Nerf bat so I can whack them”


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Yes! I live in a dorm…. Basically half of the people on my floor are inconsiderate, dirty and loud—and the rest of us are inconvenienced. Our sink is clogged, dirty dishes are left there for weeks, our lounge is filled with Chinese food from a few days ago, dirty clothes, dishes, etc. No one seems to care that leaving their nasty shit around prevents the clean people from enjoying the areas that are supposed to be communal. The cleaning people stopped cleaning because it’s so messy and dirty.

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One of my major annoyances is people standing right in front of the doors to buildings at my university. It is so freaking annoying. You can’t move slightly to the side or something but you find it necessary to block my entrance?

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My pet peeve is the one where people stop in the doorway to chit chat- gaaahh.

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Oh and another one: Here I am sitting at the library and it’s reasonably quiet and of course someone listening to their headphones on full blast so I can hear every word being sung sits down oblivious to the fact it is really, really, really distracting.

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I just wonder what it is that causes people to be so oblivious as to how their behavior is affecting others….?

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In a recent thread I was deemed intolerant because I dislike children running wild in grocery stores or kicking the back of my seat in a plane. If I can get away from the source of irritation I do it and don’t give it another thought, I am not that intolerant!

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I dislike children running wild and rudely kicking the back of my seat too. If someone views that as intolerant, so be it! I’m intolerant as hell.

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When would a child kicking the back of your seat ever! be okay? And why should my comfort and happiness be ignored so a kid can behave like a rotten little shit? I am very intolerant of that kind of behavior!!

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@faye I agree! And I’d have no problem turning around and telling the kid to stop, even if they were sitting next to their parents!

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In “Annie Hall,” Woody Allen is standing in a movie line and the guy behind him keeps gving his opinions to his companion. Woody looks at the camera and says, “What I wouldn’t give for a large sock filled with horse manure.” That was 30 years ago, but it’s exactly how I feel now when I have to listen to someone having a long, rambling conversation on their cell phone—in grocery lines, book stores, restaurants, on the street, in the doctor’s office… and on and on and on and on… Talk about rude and annoying.

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There was a woman who almost ran me over with her cart about 5 times in Walmart the other day. When I had to move her unattended cart to get out of an aisle I was trapped in with her, she said “oh, I’m sorry.” I had to look her in the face and say “No, no you’re not sorry. Are you f’in kidding me?” Maybe she learned something… :P

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@Val123 I’d enjoy it if they were next to their parents! And I’d be sickly sweet and polite the first time.

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@faye Well….since I teach I have no qualms about telling any kid, even a stranger kid, to straighten up, in no uncertain terms. I would probably just turn around and say, to the kid, “Quit kicking my seat!” and then turn back around, leaving the ball in the parent’s court. Hopefully the parent would be embarrassed enough to enforce it.

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Yes it does, I am pretty used to it though. A lot of the time now a days I just think that people don’t have any clue what they are doing at all

@avvooooooo Just curious, what if she was truly sorry ? Is there a way you could tell that she wasn’t sorry ?

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@dutchbrossis She’d almost run her cart into me several times (the only thing that saved me was that I was watching out), into other people once or twice, and her friend (who I forgot to mention before) that was with her was just as rude. There is no way that someone who had no regard for other people with a friend who was just as rude was actually sorry for being rude. If she was, she would have made an effort to not inconvenience and/or injure people before… or when I saw her after doing the same thing to someone else.

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@avvooooooo…. you are the ONLY person I’ve ever known who gets run over by shopping carts on a daily basis!

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@Val123 Not daily, just… pretty often.

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Is the metal plate in your head magnetic or something???????????

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@avvooooooo Just a regular old plate huh. K.

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