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What would be the best tomato for inverted growth?

Asked by majorrich (14721points) January 18th, 2010

Last spring I planted a leftover (what turned out to be cherry) tomato plant in the bottom of a bucket and hung it over the garden to grow. I realize last year was a bad year for tomato’s, but the vines ended up unnaturally long and it didn’t even try to bloom or fruit until very late. I got the Burpee catalog and am looking, any suggestions?

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IMO cherry or grape tomatoes would probably work best. I haven’t tried that technique but I’d think anything much larger, than let’s say roma, might run the risk of damaging the stalks or getting knocked off, especially in bad weather.

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I found this. I hope it helps

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Why bother? Growing cherry or grape tomatoes right side up, w. good soil, water, food, and stakes will give you beautiful fruit.(Plant basil in the same pot.) Use vinca, and hanging petunias or geraniums for the droopy look in your bucket.

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Most tomato plants will tolerate inversion but they take Maintainance like pinching the buds to keep the plant from getting leggy and then burying stems to create more root ares to support the intense and plentiful fruit the plant will produce.

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I am always intrigued by the upside down growing idea. Someone in here said they bought their parents one but I forget who it was. I have no suggestions but keep us posted on your progress, I am tempted to give it a try too.

Seems like it would save a lot of weeding, course I plant most everything in pots for just that reason, only I do it right side up!

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Lots of sites on the internet for growing inverted tomatoes. Here is a good one…plus, this is a great method, as keeps the tomatoes from rotting on the ground. Also, cut down on your work. -

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