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Why does fluther not allow people to just ask questions without all the structuring and editing they do? We are not going to school here.

Asked by writemyselfaletter (123points) January 19th, 2010

why all the structuring and editing of questions?

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because they don’t want this site to be dumbed down.

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Think of it as quality control. You can’t blame people for having high standards and expecting users to stick to them

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Welcome to fluther. Why not settle in, look around, and get acquainted with the culture before offering criticisms and proposing changes? Perhaps you’ll see the reasons why things work as they do.

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Hi there, @writemyselfaletter, and welcome to Fluther. Please check out our guidelines to get an idea of what kinds of things are suitable for the site. If you have any questions, just let a moderator know. We’re happy to help!

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You go to school to learn how to type appropriately.
School and real life are not completely separate.

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Hey – they even allowed this question which ended in a statement. I hope you are satisfied now – and proceed to contribute some real questions.

Edit: We are going to school here, not?

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None of my questions have ever been modified. Do you know why? I use basic grammar, the stuff we learned as children. There’s nothing wrong with the system, it’s you that is most likely wrong. Come up a level, don’t get everything dumbed down.

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So that people can read them. I don’t speak 21st century txtish, so I appreciate the editing.

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Yes, as they said they want the site to maintain its tactfulness. Otherwise it becomes saturated with garbage. Good job moderators!

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If you want a site that doesn’t have structure or moderation there is always yahoo answers. This site is supposed to be something different from that. Most of us appreciate intelligent conversation. I have enjoyed learning here.

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The guidelines are there in an attempt to maintain a certain level of quality discourse. Most of us appreciate this.

In other words, we’d like not to suck.

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Because otherwise no one would be able to comprehend what the question is.

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Hope you’ve read all the answers above, writemyselfaletter. Every one of them is spot on, and there’s nothing more I can add except that Fluther is a school. Each of us learns from others every day. Our FAQ is a great text book to get you started.

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Why do newspapers not allow people to just having their letters to the editor printed without any editorial process?

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Because everyone’s afraid of Fluther turning into Answerbag or Yahoo!Answers.

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There is no reason to whine – you will come to appreciate the standard.

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I’m going to answer this without busting your balls for asking it. :) It is a school, at least it is for me. I spent my youth working mine arse off trying to build a home and a comfortable life. I didn’t have the time or the money to get a formal education so now that I have the time I am trying to self educate and the structure of this site is helpful. The snotty comments, not so much.

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will hold myself in check for now.

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Well, I’m quite surprised that this question/complaint is getting so many responses. Evidently there is quite a bit of “energy” around this subject for you guys. I’m thinking that we are not on the same frequency, although I may stick around just for the hell of it, since I know of no other similar site that would be attractive to me. Actually, Answerbag was a ball since I was just having fun and, not writing letters to the editor, or books, or papers, or making serious comments on anything. I have a life where I do those things. Answerbag became most distasteful and no fun at all on the day it started trying to change itself into a Fluther, which I believe is exactly what it is doing. A host of us left and, I believe, many landed here. Answerbag, at this point, sounds like “The Stepford Wives”, which is totally annoying to the point of nausea. Sooooo, I don’t wish to change your culture, since it is apparently what you prefer, although I have no problem asking “Why?”.......and having a bit of fun along the way.

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