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Do you have any tastes that are unusual for someone in your position?

Asked by answerjill (6183points) January 25th, 2010

For example, I am a politically left-leaning, Jewish graduate student who has always in lived in the urban or suburban American northeast, yet I have an abiding love for Top 40 Country Music.

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I am an outgoing teenage boy who loves partying and playing sports and yet I love classical music. I definitely have my nerdier side, but it isn’t something that you can see without really getting to know me. That “nerdier side” of course contains my love of languages and grammar, chemical elements, and esoteric things like 11th century Chinese history, paradoxes, and mathematical facts and quirks. I’m just interested in whatever happens to interest me. It doesn’t necessarily have to go along with anything else I like/am.

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Interesting question! I also am politically left-leaning and Jewish. I love to watch TV shows where things blow up!

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I am politically left-leaning and Jewish and I love reading The New Yorker, arguing about politics and eating Chinese food. Oh wait a minute, you said unusual…....

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Well I am in the sitting position and I have an unusual urge to jump rope. Does this count?

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I am a drunken, libertarian, atheist who finds himself standing up for Conservatives and religion more and more.

I have no desire whatsoever to become either a conservative or religious but I know a lot of good people who are and hate to see them grouped in with the media’s version of what they are supposed to stand for.


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Sure. I am raised by godless parents, never felt pulled to adopt any religious faith of my own but I am fascinated by religions and am a little jealous of those who believe in a god to comfort and inspire them.

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I am an atheist and I love religious music.

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I am a far-left, Deist retired academic with a taste for meth and rough trade.

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