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Can you turn me on to some comedians?

Asked by Steve_A (5120points) January 26th, 2010

My favorite comedians or style is kind of like the common sense apporach type ones

2 that first come to mind are Lewis Black and George Carlin.
There was another guy with red hair skinny white guy, can’t remember his name….. – Lewis Black – George Carlin

I do not care the style too much but this gives you an idea of what I like…

Please do share your favorite stand-up comedians. Thanks.

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I would have to recommend the late Mitch Hedberg

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Bill Hicks rocks, what a legend!

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Oh yea Jim Gaffigan the white pasty fellow I have watched him before thanks for reminding me :)

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Ralphie Mae is not to popular but he’s hella funny

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Gabriel Iglesia and this is one is my favorite

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Bill Maher
Jim Gaffigan
Jon Stewart (his old standup, as well as his show)
Jon Oliver
Mitch Hedberg
Steven Wright <—the original Mitch Hedberg.

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Zach Galifianakis is also great.

@marinelife I beleive you owe me a Coke. :)

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My favorite is Bill Cosby. I’ve got several DVDs and I’ve got tickets to see him in April & can’t wait!!!
Official Bill Cosby Website

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I saw him about five years ago at SeaWorld. It was great! You’re in for a treat.

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I second Mitch Hedberg and Bill Hicks
Also Eddie Izzard and Jimmy Carr

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I always thought that Ellen DeGeneres made a fine comedian…but I think Bill Cosby is better….

Jay Leno?

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OMFG, I forgot about Jimmy Carr! I LOVE him!

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@frigate1985 Ellen is pretty hilarious. Sad not many other female comedians are mentioned here.

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Jerry Seinfeld, George Lopez, Wanda Sykes (comedianne), Jeff Foxworthy, JoKoy

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Sarah Silverman is a riot.

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@HDTC. Yeah almost all men here :( One of the funniest was when she said “My mom has been walking around the town since sixty something and now I don’t know where she went!” Not exactly what she said cuz I watched it a long time ago but I recall laughing like hell that day…:)

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Michael Macintyre
Rob Newman – not doing stand up any more though :(
Rob Bydon
Type Mock the Week in goggle, loadds of great comedians on that programme!!

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Everyone beat me to it, but I adore Jim Gaffigan.

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Hm so many people on Fluther like Jim Gaffigan huh?

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Brian Regan.

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This is how much I like Jim Gaffigan.

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@J0E Wow…that borderlines obsessed maybe? :D

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I have three albums of his, Doin’ My Time, Beyond the Pale, King Baby. I suggest all three.

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Jim Carrey like never before in this one.This would crack the dead up.

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Doug Stanhope, tops all the others

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Mitch Hedberg is/was the best stand up comic ever.

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If you like George Carlin, you’ll love Bill Hicks. IMO, he is the best comedian that ever lived. Unfortunately, like too many comedians, his life was ended way too early. Letterman recently had his mother on and played a live clip from the 90’s that Letterman pulled at the last second.
Believe it or not, Joe Rogan does some really good stand up too.

Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks – Revelations
Bill Hicks – Patriotism
Bill Hicks- Drugs and music
Bill Hicks – JFK

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan Live 2005

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George Carlin is one of my all time favorite stand up comedians, and Lewis Black is good for many of the same reasons. If I see a commonality between the two it’s a strong observational skill about the inconsistencies in the world around us and a clever yet brash way of pointing out these problems. Basically grumpy guys who complain, but who do so in a very sharp, smart, yet blunt and to the point way. For this reason, I think your BEST bet is going to be Bill Hicks…he was definitely the closest in terms of political world view, the quick, acerbic wit, the way of getting to the point when taking down the nonsense that pervades our world.

Now the only skinny white guy with red hair who comes to mind is Carrot Top, and I hope to hell that’s not who you’re thinking of, because that’s a completely different mode of humor…he is a prop comic who basically does about 45 minutes of puns. I guess Bill Maher’s hair is kind of reddish, I hope that’s who you’re talking about, as he’s the only person like Carlin and Black who meets that general description.

Getting back to what you definitely would like, I can 100% guarantee you that Bill Hicks is the single closest to those two guys that you’re likely to encounter. His humor was (he died in ‘92 I believe) based in the same roots as Black and Carlin, very much a slayer of the politically correct BS that pervades our culture…some of the references may be a bit dated, but one can only imagine on hearing Hicks go after the first Bush administration, what he would have thought of the second.

The next closest I can think of who really is similarly minded, who treads the same types of topics is David Cross, who may be better known as a character actor (or to some from the HBO comedy series Mr. Show). But his standup is incredibly on point…he and Hicks are probably both a bit to the political left of Carlin and Black, but they share the keen sense of observation and the ability to skewer nonsense with acerbic wit.

Now the next “socially relevant” person I’ll mention is actually several shades to the right of these guys, and that would be Dennis Miller, but if you catch his earlier stand up before he got all Fox News pro Bush on the world, he made a lot of socially relevant points in a very intelligent way. Some times he could rely too heavily on the obscure references, but I’d check out “The Off White Album” at least, I think anyone who likes Carlin would appreciate that.

Now the next one I would for sure suggest would be Margaret Cho, again very far to the left politically, very acerbic wit, great ability to point out idiocy in our culture, but in her case her comedy is often very sexually charged…probably talks more about her own out there sex life than any other comedian I can think of. She for me is kind of the bond between the comedians who like Carlin, Black, Hicks, Cross, etc. are very much into pointing out the problems with the world, and the ones who are brutally honest and open about their own lives as source material for comedy. Those would be I think cousins to the kind of comedy purveyed by Black and Carlin, which I think would be another logical choice for you. And most of these comedians for whatever reason tended to be African American. It kind of started with Redd Foxx.

Now you can make a mistake with Redd Foxx in getting some of his early work on what was called the “Chitlun’ Circuit”, it was very tame, very toothless by today’s standards…it wasn’t until later in his career, after the next person I’ll mention, Richard Pryor, broke down some racial doors in the comedy world. Foxx of course inspired Pryor who really, like Carlin, pointed out a lot that was wrong in the world in a very clever way, though much of his humor was more racially charged (not like old white guys like Carlin and Black could really do those kinds of jokes). That in turn inspired Eddie Murphy whose standup in the early 80s was brilliant, and more recently Chris Rock. These are all people who I think anyone who likes Carlin or Black would like for many of the same reasons, but the humor is a bit further removed from the specific type…still close enough though that I think you would appreciate it. And along these same lines you can throw Wanda Sykes. Also belonging to this general “style” of Comedy…the observational humor that is more about self-reflection than political relevance would be Bill Cosby, who unlike these others, shuns profanity, but who is a legend and an inspiration for many of the people on the above list.

Now for some of the other suggestions people have made. Mitch Hedberg….YES, one of my all time favorites. But he was a different kind of comic than Carlin altogether. His humor is basically non sequitor, absurdist…it’s witty like Carlin and Black, but it’s not ranting, it’s not socially relevant, it makes you laugh for different reasons….the only common element between him and what you like would be the wit and the great command of the English language to communicate what he is trying to say. And Steven Wright was of course as someone pointed out the precursor to Mitch Hedberg. Someone mentioned Sarah Silverman, and her comedy is off the wall in sort of a different way, she’s kind of a mix between the self-confessing type and the non-sequitor type of comic, though very funny as well.

Jim Gaffigan, again one of my all time favorites, but a completely different type of humor, observational, but not about real deep, cutting social issues. Also Gaffigan is basically clean…he doesn’t need to use foul language to be laugh out loud funny. He has some skits that can make me laugh so hard I can’t breathe, but again, he’s not a lot like Carlin or Black in terms of content or style. He’s more like Bill Cosby, basing his humor in observations about mundane every day things, though unlike Cosby, he incorporates less of his personal life in his humor.

Those would be my suggestions, in the order which I would suggest them. I would also point out that without Lenny Bruce, there would be no George Carlin or Lewis Black or Bill Hicks or David Cross…he practically invented the form of humor based on shattering hypocrisy and political correctness. Kind of tame by today’s standards, but enough to get him jailed for obscenity in his day.

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“Now the only skinny white guy with red hair who comes to mind is Carrot Top,” No not him, argh I can’t remember his name at all lol….

His fairly new to TV I think and hes young probably 20s easily I want to say.

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@Steve_A – whew…that’s a relief.

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@dalepetrie I love your answer :D

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One of my latest favorites is Daniel Tosh. You’ll think he’s a douchebag when you listen to him, but it’s kinda on purpose.

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Did anyone mention Jeff Dunham? I don’t think hes amazingly funny but I love how he can make characters with his puppets its pretty different than most comedians approach.

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@J0E Thats him! thats who I was talking about! I guess his hair is not really red I only seen him recently , I might need memory and sight pills heh…. :|

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Thanks, hope it helps point you in the right direction!

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Gabriel Iglasias,
Cant believe no one has said dane cook yet… his first two cd’s were good but his more recent stuff is more comedy less screaming.
Dimitri Martin is good, but if you’ve seen his show, you’ve heard his cds.
Patton Oswalt. Little over the top, but hes a funny little man…
Tenacious D =D

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Dane Cook is overrated.

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@Seek_Kolinahr True. the masses have blown him up and out of proportion but that doesn’t mean he isn’t good for a laugh every now and again.

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@Kiev749 I watched some of old Dane cook’s material very funny full of energy! but hes not as good it seems like he is, and to me is lacking now a days like he knows he can do it and get away with it.

I wish I could find the old video, but at the end he talks about how different races approach fighting and talks about black people and rips of his pants and starts going crazy I thought that was funny as hell…..I am sure its floating around on the internet.

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One of my Brit pals turned me on to a guy named Stewart Lee. He’s got the stuff!

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If you want someone that isn’t that popular, try people on Youtube. There are tons of funny people that would appreciate your views. I recommend KassemG.

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@sweetteaindahouse Thats a good idea and actually I have checked out a couple people on youtube who are locals never seen them in person.

I’ve been thinking about going to see some local people at maybe a club,show or what have you.

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Dara O’Brian, Russell Howard, Alan Carr, Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell, Jo Brand, and the amazing, brilliant fabulous Frankie Boyle. As another Jelly has said, Mock the Week is beyond amazing, have a look on youtube you won’t regret it :-) You’ll also find one of the funniest guys ever, and a fellow Glaswegian, he has a show running on the BBC right now (episode 3 was on last night) called Limmy (Brian Limond).

Of the “old school” I LOVED Frankie Howerd, Dave Allen, and Kenneth Williams. I haven’t ever liked Bean really, I’m not really a slapstick kinda gal, but everything else that the wonderful Rowan Atkinson has done including his standup from years ago. Beyond fantastic. I’ve been watching and re-watching a series he made called “The Thin Blue Line” a lot recently.
hugs xx

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Lately i’ve been fond of Daniel Tosh. Also I’ve always loved Zack Galafinakis.

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@J0E you sir.. are made of WIN.

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@J0E Hallarious… everyone needs to see Zack interview Natalie Portman as well. (having trouble linking it)

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@J0E NICE! I love Zach.
@Kiev749 Dane Cook steals a lot of material, ever since I learned that, I lost the little bit of respect I had left for him. Nobody in comedy really likes him either…
I’m just going to list some of my favorites (in no particular order)...
Zach Galifianakis
Maria Bamford
Brian Posehn
Sarah Silverman
Doug Benson
Russell Brand
Mitch Hedberg
Demetri Martin
Lisa Lampenelli
Louis C.K.
Kevin Nealon
Patton Oswalt
Jim Gaffigan
Mike Birbiglia
Jim Breuer
Aziz Ansari
David Cross
I’ll add more later when I can think of them.

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@ridicawu Thanks for the list checkin them out, fair share I have heard of before.

@J0E thanks for helping me figuire it out, Daniel Tosh

Damn funny.

Oh check this out, he did something with George Carlin, well talked I should say.

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I’ve recently been getting into Louis C.K. absolutely hysterical.

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