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If you could clone yourself and give them to people as gifts who would get to keep a version of you?

Asked by IBERnineD (7309points) January 26th, 2010

I was just discussing cloning with a friend (@Dr_C) , and he said he would clone me and give me to people.
Who would be on your list to receive you?

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Mrs. C, and all my fluther girls. You know who you are. (Included are @IBERnineD, @Allie, @rangerr, @Tink1113, @Cindyhugs, @PNL, @asmonet etc etc etc)

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I’d break the mold. One of me is too many. Thanks the stars the kids take after their mother.

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Anyone that felt like getting away with murder or wanted their own personal servant. Sure it seems bad, but hey, what other uses do I have.

Though I do think I’d want to see a 12 way free for all caged ladder match with a buncha little me’s. Anyone want tickets?

Oh, probably JohnPowell. I know he would love to beat the hell outta me loves me.

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My mom for the times when I’m not around, to anyone who misses me, one to Ryan Reynolds, one to JP so we can eat burritos and drink all day, one to PnL so she always has someone to entertain her and brighten her day (I hope), one to shrub so we can officially get smashed together and so she won’t feel lonely in Tassie, ....mmmm… one to anyone else who wants one.

@Dr_C HA! I totally asked for your clone a few days ago.

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@Dr_C When can I expect my you? Thanks.

Well. First off. I love clones. Especially ones named Boba. <3
And considering that clones start out as babies, I’d give me to people who can’t have kids.
I’m so thoughtful.

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My recently widowed mother-in-law. She could really use the help. The rest I would keep for myself, I need a lot of help too.

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My parents so they won’t miss me while studying abroad :D

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I would give a clone to my Mom and Dad so they had someone to hang out with when they got home from work. One to each of my best friends so they can always have me around. One to my niece to play with and to help my sister out with babysitting, one to @Grisaille of course I mean I am his wife. One for @Timtrueman to live in his closet, one for @Dr_C because well he made my clones he earned one. One for @gggritso so I don’t have to send him letters, I could just hand them to him. One for @Chels, @Allie, @Rangerr, and @PnL so we could have sleepovers. Then lastly one to me, so she could go to classes for me, and we could harmonize our singing! It would be fabulous!

@rangerr I think the baby idea is excellent!

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I’m keeping a me for myself. That way I have a clone to go to work, do the cooking, cleaning, dishes, and all the other stuff I don’t want to do. The real me is free to take all the naps he wants.

Apart from that, whoever else wants me. You can get your “me” by emailing – aJGPFforme@gmail. Act fast, supplies limited. ~

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Not to rain on anyone’s fantasy parade, but there is considerable debate in the scientific community over whether clones have shortened lifespans. Would you really want your friends and family to have a “you” that would die prematurely?

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Hey I could make a lot of clones out of me after getting my degree and send them out to work in like, 20 different companies and thereby boost my income by 2000%!!!

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@shilolo no worries! These clones are perfect and have a normal life span…I think…just ask @Dr_C he made them!

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Will the clone I receive look like Kelly LeBrock?

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@shilolo I’m sure @Dr_C could hook you up :)

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Well, if I did make a couple clones of myself, would they have to be exactly like me? I wouldn’t want to have competition between me and DominicY and DominicZ.

Though honestly, the first thing I would do would be to have a threesome. :P

What I want is the ability to bilocate. I want to be in SLO with my boyfriend and here at Stanford at the same time. That would be awesome.

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one for my boyfriend, and one my boss
(for obvious reasons)

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I would not consent to be cloned. I would consent to unlimited, instantaneous transportation to all places where the people I care about live so I could visit them as often as I liked.

I am not convinced that giving people a copy of the original would be much of a gift.
I would rather give as much of my own time to them as they desire and I could arrange.

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Fun question.

I’d need 4 for myself:
• 1 to tend the house & such.
• 1 to go to my day job.
• 1 to help my MIL.
• 1 to try and help my mom (and then promptly kill itself).

I’d assign another one to handle my Fluthering and Facebooking. And another to keep in touch with friends and hang out with them.

I’d need another one as an organizer/manager to keep an eye on the other 6 and lend support.

Finally, the real me would spend my time with my wife, shooting photos, traveling, reading comics and (or course) eating cookies.

and have you seen “Multiplicity” with Michael Keaton?

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I’m with Doc L. People can use my clones, but I’m going to be the one living my GD life thank you.

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I think there need to be 5 of me (including the real me).
One for my kids, so I could be with them as much as we’d all like.
One to do all the dreaded housework, and possibly find a damn job.
One for my Fluther job.
Another for my Fluther/facebook/tumblr fun, since that last one ^^ really cuts into that.
Finally, I’d like to have a teeny-tiny version of me, so I could hang out in my husband’s shirt pocket while he’s at work all day. I’d mostly nap in there. :)

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I would not give my clones to anyone. I do not believe in slavery.

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I wouldn’t do it.I’m not that mad at anyone ;)

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The kids, the love, the best friend and my mom.

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Great Question!

I don’t want to leave anyone out, so I’ll just give one to every body. He will sit on your couch and watch TV, make witty remarks at you, teach you proper pronunciation of band names, dress as Star Wars characters, eat your nasty grape jolly ranchers, bore you about cell phones, hum theme songs to 90’s TV shows, make obscure references, and protect your house from Trogdor invasions. You can also have him do Napoleon Dynamite impressions, he even does birthday parties!

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@J0E can he even julian fry??

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@IBERnineD I’m sure he could…if he knew what that was :P

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I do not know about give. But, my ex wife would want one. Demand one.

Besides using my clone as a house maid… Well use your imagination for the rest. ;-).

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I’d give me to my granny. :)

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Is it wrong of me to be imagining @IBERnineD‘s sleepover party of cloned Fluther hotties?

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@cprevite nah… I’ve imagined at least twice today ;)

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