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Is to possible to enlarge disc space for my Ubuntu partition?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) October 23rd, 2010

I’ve installed ubuntu with the 7gb option, but I’d like to give it more available space. I’ve got plenty enough for the 30gb installation on the hd available, but is it possible to ‘enlarge’ the space dedicated to ubuntu once it’s been installed?
Or must I go to windows, use Wubi to erase my current installation and reinstall it with the desired amount of Gb space? And in this last case, is there a way to clone my current Ubuntu partitioned installation (to use it in the further installation I might have to do)?

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I think you can boot into the liveCD and use GPartEd to resize your partition.

However, I think you might have complicated things by using Wubi to install – I’ve never enlarged a Wubi partition before.

You could also try the GPartEd liveCD.

If you decide to reinstall, I’d be inclined to avoid Wubi – you take a bit of a performance hit, and you can also use native Linux filesystems like EXT3/4 or XFS which give a performance boost.

I’d be very careful and back up any documents and settings on the partition first!

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Yes,, I agree with the backup idea.
Do you know of any way to ‘save’ the settings I’ve spent time applying to my current ubuntu partition (i.e. installed packages, compiz settings and visual settings, etc…), so tha I can use them but just ‘adding’ them to the new installation? (that is, of course if I do chose this option ..)

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@the100thmonkey another thing, if I boot with LiveCD will I be able to edit the partition on the ‘root’ drive, or not.
And I can’t seem to find the link to download the LiveCD, do you have a link you can paste ?
thanks for all your help.

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Try this.

I can’t tell you how well it works as I keep my /home folder on a separate partition (your GNOME settings are usually stored in a hidden folder in /home)and therefore haven’t used Simple Backup Suite.

You should be able to edit any ummounted partition using GParted.

Ubuntu LiveCD

GParted LiveCD

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Hm, ok.. I quite understood that there’s no possible way to resize my ‘home’ hard drive (internal) on which I’ve installed my ubuntu partition.
Now I have to figure out whether I can (re)-install another ubuntu partition on another, external HD. Do you believe this is possible?

anyhow where are you from, good chap?

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You can resize your /home or / partition; you just need to do it when the partition is not mounted.

Basically, this means that you can’t do it from within your particular installation of Ubuntu itself – you need to do it from a LiveCD environment.

It should be fairly elementary to install Ubuntu again to another external HD. However, you should take care to ensure that it doesn’t do something like install to the existing Linux partitions it detects when you start the installer. Just switch the drive containing the previous install off, and you should be dandy – your new install should automount the old drive when you turn it back on. You’ll perhaps (probably?) run into problems with file and folder permissions, though, that might make a bit of CLI necessary – you may need to make friends with chown.

However, I don’t think a fresh install is either necessary, warranted or advisable: just pop in the LiveCD and go from there.

I’m from Scotland – currently in Edinburgh :)

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