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What's a good helper textbook or book for Physics II with Calculus?

Asked by Iclamae (2412points) January 29th, 2010

I suck at Physics. A lot. And I’m trying to not fail this coming semester of Physics II with calculus. I’m looking for an awesome textbook or helper book (like “Physics for Dummies” but better) to help me get through this semester. I really have a lot of trouble understanding the basic concepts and applying the principles to other problems.

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Are you stuck with taking a course that a) you loathe and b) you don’t understand? Can you switch to another course for the next semester?

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I cannot switch out. Not unless I want to throw my major (Biology) down the drain after 4 years of work. It’s a core requirement. Unfortunately. I’ve been trying to work with the professors and Teaching Assistants but they’re only helpful some of the time.

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Oh, boo. Then you’ll just have to bite the bullet. I can see where the advanced physics would be useful, but calculus?

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Yeah I have no idea why it’s required with calculus.. I’m hoping study guides or something can simplify it a little?

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@Iclamae – Physics II has a lot of Integral Calculus in it. You’ll find as you move up the ladder of science almost everything requires Calculus. Are you good at Calculus and just lack in Physics? Or do you require assistance with both?

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Yes I know it has a lot of integral calculus in it. Let me clarify.

I have taken this class before and failed it. This is because I simply have trouble with the basic concepts of physics using calculus. I am good at math and calculus related math. I just don’t understand the concepts of physics. How do I decide how to set up the integral for a “uniform charge density over a disc” problem? How does that change when it’s a line? How the hell does Gauss’s law work and why?

I pretty much need a Physics for Dummies book that includes calculus. I have no problem admitting that I am absolutely 100% terrible at this subject and need a lot of help. If there is a textbook or other kind of book that will help me with this, I would like to know. I can only find algebra related help books.

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