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Would a ship, made entirely of styrofoam, survive an ocean voyage?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 7th, 2010

I realize this is a lame question. my wife and i were discussing taking a cruise. in the middle of our conversation, the wind blew a piece of styrofoam plastic in front of us. this is the text of my question. would a passenger cruise ship, made entirely of styrofoam plastic, survive a voyage out on the open seas? why or why not?

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Take the cruise in a normal ship. Please.

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I will have my mother-in-law test that out ;))

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Wouldn’t your wife’s stiletto heels poke through the ballroom floor and on down through steerage and into the depths of the ocean blue?

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I don’t have a problem with ridiculous questions. I have a problem with the grammar and punctuation.


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I know it was a stupid question. if i could retract it, i would. i forgot about the ladies spiked heels. my wifes shoes would sink us all.

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Does Fluther have a Dumbest Question Award?

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Well, it would have to be shaped very differently from a standard cruise ship. If you reproduced a standard hull in styrofoam, it would sit too high in the water and capsize extremely easily. To correct this tendency to roll, it would have to be shaped more like a barge than a cruiser..

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Harp, thanks for a logical answer to a really lame question. i just had a moment of stupidity. john

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@john65pennington-I believe there is a boat manufactured that is based on that idea.They used to saw them in half in the commercials to demonstrate their bouyancy.I have been on one before(quite a while ago).Not the smoothest ride and a bit pricey too.They are called a Boston Whaler.I don’t know if their technology is the same now.
I liked your question because anything that requires imagination is thought provoking amusement for me :))
You rock!!;))

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Actually, a museum in Norfolk, VA called Nauticus has an interactive software program that allows one to build a ship using various specifications, and at the end it shows you whether or not your ship will float.

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Not much of a chance for a small ship – too light to sit in the water and be usable. And a big one would break apart.

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If it’s really big then YES. That would be awesome.Think about it, you’d be cruising on the most hazardous thing to the environment and leaching toxic chemicals to all the dolphins.

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@Bugabear yeah, but if you weren’t flooding the area with sonar and driving them onto the shore in droves, you wouldn’t be putting your best effort into it!~

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I think the force of the ocean currents would tear the thing apart. Perhaps under normal weather conditions it may have a chance but the light density of styrofoam would create a very dangerous voyage indeed. Not to mention the high probability of cascade.

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I’m thinking no. But you should definitely e-mail mythbusters about this. They’ll make a ship and run a test alright—love that show :)

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@phoebusg What an awesome idea! Can you imagine the stir on this site if they actually did it? One of you please keep us all posted!

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