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Over the air - Digital HDTV PVR any recommendations?

Asked by rich2323 (43points) February 7th, 2010

I am looking for a decent over the air HD TV – PVR. I am looking to get rid of my current cable provider and use only over the air broadcast, but would still like to record shows as I do now. If possible I would like it to be able to record two shows at once. I would also prefer not having to build anything. Do you have any recommendations? I would like to connect it to my 50” Samsung plasma.

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I also do not want to have to pay for a service like TIVO.

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HDHomeRun® Dual ATSC/QAM Digital TV Tuner works on a computer network. So you would have to connect a PC to your TV. Not too tough, but not nearly as easy as Tivo.

I know you don’t want to build something, but just to show the options, here is an article on building a home theater PC (HTPC) with two tuner cards.
Ars Ultimate Home Theater PC Guide: 1080p HDMI Editio

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Here is something promising. They just opened for business in LA.

What Sezmi offers is value, convenience, and personalization. For $5 per month (plus $300 for its hardware), you receive an indoor digital antenna (gussied up to look like a speaker) and a 1TB hard drive, capable of holding up to 1400 hours of programming.

The system receives local digital broadcast channels. And, if you upgrade to the $20 per month package, you also get a group of basic cable channels, transmitted over the unused bandwidth of its local broadcast channel partners.

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