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Can we say,"this is Canadian" anymore than we can say "this is American"?

Asked by faye (17832points) February 27th, 2010

Both countries are so big. Maritimers are Canadian and Albertans are Canadian but quite different in speech, not forgetting Quebec. People who live in the south of the US sound and live very differently because of their weather and and New Yorkers ar not Californians, and don’t forget Texas!

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I’m from the US, but it occurs to me as sort of arrogant to call ourselves “American”. However, that’s how it’s turned out. I agree with you. As I understand it, those from south of the US border think similar thoughts. After all, they are American too.

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Unfortunately, I’m in the minority. But…What if we did toss out the “I’m an American” thing, and came up with another name? At the least, it would reduce the “Ugly American” persona we have acquired.

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No we can’t. Canadians are basically Americans that spilled over the borders and called Eskimo country their own.

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