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Could you guys highlight the username of the person asking the question in the threads?

Asked by aeschylus (665points) February 28th, 2010

I find it useful on discussion threads (for instance, on reddit) when the username of the person asking the question or starting the discussion is highlighted throughout the thread. It seems that this wouldn’t be too hard to implement (add a css class), and I don’t see any drawbacks. I would find it helpful, and I think other jellies might like it too. Thanks for all your hard work; you guys have built a great community.

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What’s the point? The name of the OP is right at the top. If you somehow forget who asked it, all you have to do is scroll back up to the top. Simple.

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@aeschylus If you are using Firefox, you can do CTRL+F and then type the username and then Highlight All.

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I think this would be useful.

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It’s just a nice feature that I like about other sites. One of the best things about Fluther is its thoroughly realized design. If that kind of thing didn’t matter, we wouldn’t have the beautiful site we have today, with its beautifully clear, color-coordinated user interface. I don’t think it would hurt anything, and it would be a nice touch.

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I like that idea. It would be nice if the OP’s responses were highlighted the same way the word “privately” is when someone sends you a private message, and the same way the words “Edit your profile” are highlighted on your profile. It would be helpful.

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I agree with @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities.

Why is it so difficult to remember the OP’s name?

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@jonsblond Again, I never claim that it is difficult to remember the OP’s name. I simply think it would be a nice feature for the convenience of the users that would enhance the design element of the service.

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It would be easier to have it highlighted. Most new users have the default avatar so it is hard to keep track of who is who from that. It isn’t necessary but it would be nice to have. I remember when they added it to Reddit. It was a helpful addition. And it works well here.

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Agreed. It’s on the queue,

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities @jonsblond It just seems unnecessary. Why scroll to the top when you could have their name nicely highlighted?
There were over 100 questions asked on Fluther yesterday. I’m not going to pretend I’ve read all of them (Most of them, perhaps). But it’s rather cumbersome to bother keeping in mind who the OP is for the specific question you’re reading at all times. I’d much rather have their name stick out well when they post.

It’s not so important to me with well-known users, as they tend to stand out for me, but when you have a new user post a question, and you have 8 other new users ending up posting replies, it’s a mess trying to figure out which sub-100-lurve poster is the one we’re trying to help out.

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