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If Oprah is retired who would be the best person to replace her show?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) March 4th, 2010

Male or female?. From what category?(comedian,actress/actor,singer,presenter,or else?). If no one can replace Oprah what kind of similar show that will replace her show?.

Please include your reason.

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Meeeeeeeee – Female LOLL !!

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Milo, the all-round perfect dude.

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No one. Oprah is over rated.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

Conan O’Brien is gonna be the new Oprah. He’s got the time.

deni's avatar

@ChazMaz agreed. you are so smart.

but if i had to pick, tyra banks. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHA…


Cruiser's avatar

Jimmy Fallon the quintessential replacement dude.

erichw1504's avatar

She is going to retire.

I would have to second O’Brian.

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Seriously? I could do it. How hard is it?

“Oh… I know you were all feelin’ pretty good coming in today anyway, but guess what? I’ve got a surprise for you! And it’s… NEW CARS! EVERYBODY GETS A NEW CAR! EVERYBODY GETS A NEW CAR! Hey, stop jumping on the couch! EVERYBODY GETS A NEW CAR!

CMaz's avatar

Tyra banks has a show. She is over rated too.

dpworkin's avatar

I think Jay Leno has a license to take over anyone’s show he pleases.

SophiscatedLady's avatar

The Ellen Denegre show will replace her show.

deni's avatar

@ChazMaz clearly i was joking dipshit! i think tyra’s show is one of the worst things on television. admittedly i do sometimes watch it for a laugh. her hair, for one, makes me laugh itself.

erichw1504's avatar

@aprilsimnel That reminds me of the SNL sketch (I think it was SNL, correct me if I’m wrong) where they mocked her show. They had women in the audience screaming and jumping all around like crazy with people passing out and stuff. It was hilarious.

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Dave Chappelle.

CMaz's avatar

Ellen Degeneres… Over rated. As are joking dipshits.

deni's avatar

@Sarcasm YES WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Ria777's avatar

Christopher Hitchens or Stephen Fry. they should spring either of them on the audience without warning and without changing the name of the show.

deni's avatar

Or Christopher Walken because he is a jack of all trades.

La_Perm's avatar

Pamela Anderson,female,actress,famous,sexy!.

CMaz's avatar

Arsenio? Is he still alive?

aprilsimnel's avatar

@Ria777 – I’d watch either or both of those gents.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@Sarcasm Now I have the mental image of Tyrone Biggums saying: “You get a crack rock, and you get a crack rock. Everybody gets a crack rock!!! Hummina hummina hummina hummina!!”

erichw1504's avatar

Sarah Palin, obviously. ~

davidbetterman's avatar

@ChazMaz He is apparently a regular on Jay Leno’s show.

HTDC's avatar

@Ria777 An hour of Christopher Hitchens talk would be music to my ears. It would be even better to get some evangelists on to debate. The pure ownage and vocabulary lessons would be enticing.

TheLoneMonk's avatar

Howard Stern.

ucme's avatar

Mike Tyson.Better looking (oh hello,just sayin) younger,more articulate, (controversial) but above all, I reckon he’d get more people watching that shit.

erichw1504's avatar

Zach Galifianakis

Sarcasm's avatar

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities The possibilities are endless. This has to happen. Someone has to make him get out of his farm in …where was it? Iowa? and make this show!

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@ChazMaz since you said Oprah is overrated, then Tyra or Ellen, being overrated as well, should be a shoe in.

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This is true.

So lets give it up for… Colin Powell!

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Monica Lewinski… She has such a special way of making new friends.

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I’m having a hard time thinking of any reason Oprah’s show needs to be replaced with anything.

ucme's avatar

@UScitizen Nah she’d blow her chances on the first night.

OneMoreMinute's avatar

Tara from Showtimes “The United States of Tara.” And she would have a different Alter host for each nights show.

And I would like to see Dexter guest host. At the end of the show, Dexter could (pretend) cut the guest stars cheek and place a drop of hollywood blood on a slide and stick it in his collection behind the fake wall airconditioner!

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Dr. Phil. Because they’re both man haters.

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Dr. Phil is an over rated douche.

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I think society would survive just fine without Oprah or a replacement for her. I’ve never even watched her program.

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

My neighbor,“Drunk Dave”. ;)

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Queen Latifa.

janbb's avatar

Groucho Marx – back from the dead and ready to party.

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Whoopie Goldberg.

erichw1504's avatar

Kanye West

Val123's avatar

Howard Stern

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

Someone else named Oprah, I guess.

erichw1504's avatar

If Oprah is retired then maybe she needs more sleep.

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Alice Cooper.

Val123's avatar

Janet Jackson.

Shecky_Johnson's avatar

Opie & Anthony w/ lil Jimmy Norton.

Val123's avatar

Darth Vader!!

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I really hope no one. Her shows are stale boring all about her, all about being fat. You’d have to clone her to continue.

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

@Just_Justine I can think of quite a few boring, fat, narcissistic women.

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Henry Rollins.

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Tom Cruise.

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Ann Coulter

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