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What was your initial reaction to the transit-tunnel beating incident in Seattle?

Asked by drClaw (4452points) March 5th, 2010

If you aren’t familiar you can read the article and see the video here…

To summarize a girl was robbed and beaten in front of 3 unarmed security guards. Apparently the protocol for them is to observe and report, not get involved, but after watching the video I feel like they could have at least stood between the girls to stop the altercation.

What is your reaction to this?

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Time for a new security policy.
I fully expect citizens to get involved in these situations.

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Definitely a dumb-ass policy. What are they being paid for, if not to provide security?

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That annoys me when people follow every single protocol and are unable to think for themselves.

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I did not see the article or video at that link – they must have moved it.

But based on what you’ve said, I’m not at all surprised. When I am standing around 100% peaceful minding my own business, I fully expect to be tazered by security (guards, cops, armed forces); when I am getting raped and beaten in front of them, I fully expect them to be completely useless. It’s not really the fault of the individual people – their job is to follow orders and protocols, and if they didn’t things could be total chaos. The protocols, the higher-ups making these decisions need to get their brains out of their butts and use them.

We spend over half our budget on security and this is the bull-shit kind of service we get?!

In a word: Disgusting.

We probably shouldn’t be skimping on that education….

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Security guards and other employees frequently get reprimanded or fired for “stepping in” in situations like this because of liability, etc, but it’s a shame no one was using common sense. At least it’s on video and can be used to prosecute.

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This reminds me of the story years ago where a woman was being beaten and stabbed in a residential area. She was screaming bloody murder, people were home and watching from their bedrooms. No one offered to help, and no one called the police.
There are just people out there who are such incredible cowards that they are too afraid to respond in these kinds of situations.
It is truly shameful, and another reason why you should know how to defend yourself.

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Here’s a new link…

@Captain_Fantasy this whole fiasco happened at my bus stop and I guarantee that there will be some action from the citizens.

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@davidbetterman Kitty Genovese. I remember that.

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It reminded me of the new york subway rape where they did nothing to help

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@Dr_Dredd That’s the one. the murderer, Winston Moseley, is up for parole again this year.

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@davidbetterman Really?! You’d think he would have gotten life without parole.

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Unfortunately not.

He was convicted of murder. When the death sentence was announced by the jury foreman “The [court]room erupted into loud spontaneous applause and cheers.” When calm had returned, the judge added, “I don’t believe in capital punishment, but when I see this monster, I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the switch myself!”[10] However the initial death sentence was later reduced on appeal to an indeterminate sentence/lifetime imprisonment on June 1, 1967. The New York Court of Appeals found that Moseley should have been able to argue that he was “medically insane at the sentencing hearing when the trial court found that he had been legally sane.

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I have to agree with the judge…

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RE: Kitty Genovese, the thing to do when being attacked is not to cry “help” or “rape” because people don’t respond to those as often as they respond to ”FIRE!

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