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If you were to write a song about Twitter, what would the lyrics say?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1152points) March 7th, 2010

How would the lyrics go, and talk about the popularity, 140 characters, and all the award-winning characteristics that make Twitter such a hugely popular site?

Any hilarious-sounding line would do a lot for the song / listeners as well.

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They took the worst part of facebook- whoahhhhhhhhoh oh
The 140-character, attention grabbing hook- yeahhhahhhhhh
And made from it, a site called twitter, oh baby
So now I can blog while I sit on the shitter, uh, uh, uh.

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Twitter, oh twitter, twitter
my love, my hate
la la la la
my joy, my death
la la la la
Twitter, oh twitter, twitter…yeah

Oh, the 140 cha’ters stink
cause all I do is type four wordies
and the bird yells stop! Darn, My ink isn’t even outttttttt!
Twitter, oh twitter, twitter…yeah

Twitter is chin’se for spam cause all, the tweets
titter, oh twitter
Yahoo answers in birdie form! Oh!!!!!!!!!!
the shame – the sorrow
but the addic-ttt-cccccccccion!
Twitter, oh twitter, twitter…yeah

My brain goes roun’ and roun’
cause of a tiny bird
that is holding 3 trillion words
and 1000’s of namless, facless uuuuuuuserrrrrrrrrrrs!
Twitter, oh twitter, I’d sue, if it weren’t
for the cute bird face!!!!!
twitter, oh twitter, twitter…yeah

Facebook, myspace, blogger, Word-
press, Google, yahoo, ask-
hi5, dogpile, techariii
these have some brains and….variety!
But titter, oh twitter –
you tweet, you click and you’re dooooooooooooonnnne!
Twitter, oh twitter, twitter…........yeah

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KNBR-AM in San Francisco thinks whatever one sings about Twitter should be set to “Rockin’ Robin”, making it possible for those who hate Twitter to hate it more.

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I killed a bird with a stone.
The end. the end.

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Twitter twatter!! Repeat to fade.

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Hmmmmm hmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm.It’s a boring instrumental

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This is my favorite Twitter song. Ass Möde, baby!

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On top of Old twitter,
All covered with douche,
I lost my true sanity,
For courting the slow.

For courting’s a pleasure,
But parting is moot,
And a false-hearted twitter,
Is worse than a poop.

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This is…. a colossal waste of time…
but I just can’t seem to ever quit…
Tweets to my twits seems so fine
Dishes pile in my sink while I tweet this sh*t.

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What the hell is it?
How does one do it?
Why does one do it?
So many people,
so little purpose.

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Twitterlee dee, Twitterlee dum
Saying a few words at a time
is really ho hum.

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