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Do you ever start to answer a question and then think: honestly, who really gives a rat's ass what I think? I don't even care what I think anymore, so you just blow it off?

Asked by lillycoyote (24798points) March 10th, 2010

And that’s it.

Edit: Well, that’s not quite it, I guess, sometimes I do wonder, I will be “observing” or answering a question and I can see that so-an-so is composing and answer, and sometimes they seem to be composing quite a long answer and then they don’t. They don’t end up posting an answer and I always wonder why.

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People care when you’re radical [hint: double meaning]. The Wikipedia quoting crap don’t cut it.

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lulz wut?

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Awwww @lillycoyote Your opinion counts!

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I still answer it!LOL!

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Fact of the matter is . .. . I do but then . .. awww, fuggedaboutit..

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@njnyjobs Yeah, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

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No such thing as a “blow off” question in this town. Plenty of lurve to go around for any and all questions.

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Yeah, sort of. I’ll start to compose an answer and then I’m kind of like, Eh, I don’t really have much to add here or Who the hell really cares what I think about this and then ditch.

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@MissAnthrope Good to know I’m not the only one.

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other distractions that need attention, and I can’t finish my answer, so I scrap it

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I’ve composed many answers recently that I end up not following through with. It’s usually because I get distracted. My husband will call, my children need help, etc.. There have been a few times that I felt very passionate about an answer that I would like to give, then I changed my mind because I know that I don’t have the time to get into a long discussion with someone, or I feel that I will be in the minority and it just isn’t worth getting into.

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^^^^ Me too @jonsblond

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@jonsblond I’ve done that. I think a really good in-depth answer, then realize that others will argue this, that, or another point. I don’t mind being in the minority, it happens to me a lot. I do mind not being able to correctly argue my point, and sometimes this just isn’t the correct forum for stating my position. I have too many points to cover and not time or space enough to articulate all that I feel about it, so I just give it a miss.

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I do that all the time! (I do it with questions all the time too…there are questions that I wish i could get rid of all together)

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Some folks are not after an answer- they just want to argue I am learning to stay away from those types of questions as really I have better things to do with my time.

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There are questions about topics I care a great deal about, impact me drastically, etc., which I want to answer.

I have to weigh the verbal crap I am going to take because my opinion is unpopular vs. how important it is for me to answer. By now, I rarely answer because I am so tired of internet fighting. There are many times when I sit there with a written or partially written answer that I wind up deleting.

Just recently I decided to answer one of these and I did in my quiet way. My wife came in and was more direct. I became more direct in my next answer because my wife was taking crap for expressing an opinion I agree with in a manner direct enough to take heat.

I will get in it again if my wife is taking crap, otherwise, I hold to my general policy of non-engagement.

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@Arisztid Hehehehe! i read the bottom line of your response first, and thought you said “If my wife is taking a crap.”! ;-)

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I assume that everyone would give a rat’s ass for my opinion, if they had one. (A rat’s ass, that is.) My opinions on the vital questions in Fluther today are worth at least a rat’s ass. Sometimes the asses of two rats, even.

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~Why would anyone want a rats ass?

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@dog, I’ll tell you, if the price is right.

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@Trillian If my wife was taking a crap, I would not enter the fray. That is not one of my things.

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Sometimes I do that. For me, it usually boils down to either I’m too emotionally heated and I don’t want to participate in a flame-war; I don’t really think I have enough experience to answer; the answer is so obvious that I feel stupid answering it or someone answered better than I could and after thinking about it I realize that my answer wouldn’t add anything of value.

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