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Do you have difficulty reading the small writing on food labels and cosmetics ?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) March 12th, 2010

Do find it annoying that they use words that most people are unfamiliar with?
I understand that they are chemical names; but they also call trans fats other things.
What is really going on? Do you think we are ingesting harmful chemicals? What role does the FDA play?

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Because there are so many terrible ingredients, they have no choice but to print them in small writing, otherwise they wouldn’t fit on the actual product.

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The Center for Public Advocacy has proposed new food labeling rules. Read about them here.

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I find it annoying when I can’t find my reading glasses.

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I hope the changes will be made.
I find the writing too small.
I need my Husband who was a Chemistry Major to translate the chemical names to English.
They have many names for trans fast.
Many Cosmetics have Parabeen a know Carcinogen.
It is the the fact that the government allows companies to deceive us that angers me most. The FDA does nothing.

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I can’t read it without my glasses. Of course without my glasses I have trouble reading the text on a billboard.

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@philosopher I agree about the writing size. Especially at my age!

You do have to be a detective or a chemist to find out what the ingredients really are.

You are right about trans fat:

“Partially Hydrogenated Oils: Source of Trans Fats

Partially hydrogenated oils are the primary source of trans fats, which have been shown to be potentially more harmful to arteries than saturated fat.

Foods can call themselves “trans-fat free” even if they contain up to half a gram of trans fats per serving. Look on the ingredients list. If a food contains partially hydrogenated oils, it contains trans fats.

“If that’s an item you only eat now and then, you don’t need to worry,” says Rosenbloom. “But if it’s something you eat every day, it’s worth looking for a brand that doesn’t have partially hydrogenated oils.” Source

And I agree with your indignation about the lack of government action. It is an uphill battle to get any regulation changes past the food industry lobbies.

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Thank you for the support.

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Yes, even with reading glasses.

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I hope we can make more people aware; and let the manufactures know they are not fooling us.
I currently buy many cosmetics over the Internet Laverna and Aloedermal. They are Parabeen free. .Some Laverna products are now at Target. I wish they had them all. Skin Genesis products from Loreal are Parabeen free.
LOL I still can’t read the box easily.

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