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Why are younger siblings always annoyying and follow you everywhere?

Asked by Billkaulitz29 (15points) March 22nd, 2010

I have a brother and he follows me everywhere even the bathroom. It gets pretty annoying. I want to know how to stop it.

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Because he looks up to you and loves you!
Look at it this way – he could be like, OMG I HATE MY BIG BROTHER HE’S UGLY AND AWFUL AND SMELLS BAD.

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It’s the mimic and visual learning mechanism that allows a lot of our genus to learn so exponentially fast. If you want to stop it you need to teach him everything he wants to know.

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Maybe try locking the bathroom door?

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Its a good thing, you just dont no it yet. you will be glad you have him when you are older.

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Maybe you smell nice?

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I used to do it to my older sister because I thought it was really funny. I’m currently in a high five phase. Let him know what your borders are. You may to kepp reminding him, but it should work. Good luck.

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