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Brace-faces: Did your orthodontist delay taking your braces off after he said he already was?

Asked by Finley (833points) March 22nd, 2010

I’m supposed to get my braces off tomorrow but I’m scared that I’ll get in there and he’ll just delay it a month or two (after my whole highschool has made a countdown for me). This is the first time he said he was going to take them off. Did your orthodontist tell you you were going to get yours off and then kept pushing it back?

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They delayed with me for a year, then extended the retainer to “semi-perminent” status.
I rebelled, and had them remove everything after the retainer was in for 2 years.
That was 35 years ago. My teeth have moved a bit (no pun intended), but I’m glad I got rid of the device so long ago.

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Mine always told me it would be the next time. For 5 visits it wasn’t. I cried every time. But I didn’t wear my rubber bands and I did other things that stopped them from working the right way. So maybe you’ll be good :) I know a lot of people who got theirs off right on time! Good luck yay :)

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Nope. Mine came off the day I was scheduled to get them off. But I did have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth (in the back) for almost five years after the braces. The orthodontist never mentioned taking them off until I asked him to. It has been about five years and now I have a bit of a crooked tooth. Listen to your orthodontist. :-( If he tells you to wait a bit more, I’d say go with him.

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Well last visit he said, “Well, your teeth look good.. really good. For the next 4 weeks just closely watch them and see if anything goes wrong if not, you get them off.” and i have and so far so good but I asked all my friends and they all said they got delayed about 4 or 5 times. plus my orthodontist is a real ass about making fun of me never getting them off

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I hope mine doesn’t do that. I am supposed to be getting mine off in a month or two, and if they do that I’ll just take them off myself.

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@ducky_dnl seriously if they don’t take mine off tomorrow I’m legit not leaving. Or I’m changing orthos.

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Well, I’m all for sticking with what your ortho says. Since he’s probably already been paid for them he has no incentive to keep them on other than to make sure you have perfect teeth.

If he tries to delay and you really want to take them off, ask him what the pros and cons are of taking them off a few months early. If he walks you through it and you can convince him that it’s not that much of a benefit, he may be willing to just take them off then.

I would never, ever advise to take them off yourself. You have to deal with the special glue they use to hold the brackets on and you could potentially yank one of your teeth out. I would imagine the embarrassment of a missing tooth would far outweigh having braces on for an extra month or two.

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I don’t know about you, but mine was delayed because I wasn’t doing the things I was supposed to, like wearing rubber bands, etc. He finally gave up on me and took them off even though my teeth hadn’t moved any more for a while. As far as I can tell, they’re back into almost exactly the same places they were before I got braces (yeah, it’s been a number of years) but I don’t really care. They still look beautiful to me.

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I was also delayed a year. I did get them off before high school. I was supposed to only have them for 2 years, but I had them on for 3.

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Yeah , it happens to most people because sometimes they think your teeth need a bit more adjusting and time.

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@figbash we were just kidding I’m sure.. I would only cry a lot, nothing drastic.

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My orthodontist told me one day, “Well you’ll be getting your braces off reeeeeal soon here,” well, I didn’t get those stupid things off for another year and a half.

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Fluther friends I just got my braces off and they are fabulluofusousouso

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