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Which actors could have swapped roles making the movie more enjoyable for you?

Asked by ucme (46311points) March 24th, 2010

Many actors are considered for roles in movies before a final choice is made.What if that choice was yours to make? Who would get the part? Imagine iconic movies with a different actor in the lead role.Actually while were at it,why not pick the worst or funniest choices as replacements as well? Maybe Pee Wee as Rambo or Dirty Harry!! Have fun with it,if you wish.

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Betty White as Neo in The Matrix.

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Fred Flintstone could play Keanu Reeves part in “The Matrix”.

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Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck. Bugs would look much better in a blue sailor suit.

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Bruce Campbell in anything.
Also, I think a 2×4 could do just as well as Keanu Reeves.

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@mrentropy -You are right about Keanu and Bruce Campbell is dreamy :)

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Buddy Ebsen was to play the Wizard of Oz’s Tin Man, but the silver paint made him sick.

Here’s a clip of him dancing around that time, I get a huge kick out of it.
Shirley Temple & Buddy Ebsen- At the Codfish Ball

Sadly, Abe Vigoda passed up the part of Neo in The Matrix

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@lucillelucillelucille He’d be a damn sight better actor than “Woody” Reeves that’s for sure.Yabba Dabba Doo.

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Morgan Freeman as Spiderman.

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Replace Jennifer Aniston with anyone not Jennifer Aniston.

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Rosie O’Donnell as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line.

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Gumby in Samuel L. Jackson’s role in Pulp Fiction.

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Shia Labeouf as Forest Gump.

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Bruce Campbell in the DaVinci Code

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Tom Cruise as a hobbit in The Hobbit.

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Bruce Campbell in Night at the Museum

Actually, B.C. was supposed to be Darkman, but the studio wanted a bigger name star.

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Well first of all I would change James Bond to Ewan McGregor, he is far hotter. Why don’t we have a Jane Bond? Maybe Nigella Lawson could kill men with her curves, whilst caressing plum tomatoes for deadly effect. I think Hillary Clinton should have played Sharon Stones lead in Basic Instinct, just for more shock value.

Woody Allen should play Arnold Schwarzenegger’s roles, saying “I’ll be back” all philosophically.

Rosie O’Donell should play Uma’s role in Pulp Fiction I reckon she would have killed that dance scene. I mean really killed it.

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@mrentropy He was ,as you probably know in the final scene. Blending in as it were.

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It would have been interesting if Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill had switched roles in the original Star Wars trilogy.

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@ucme Yep. As far as I know, he makes an appearance in every Sam Raimi movie. If there’s one that he’s not in the scene was probably cut.

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Gumby in Samuel L. Jackson’s role in Pulp Fiction.

Gumby could not take that part, he had a contractual obligation to play Neo in The Matrix.

Sadly, Gumby was in a serious accident, and had to give up the Neo role.

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@FutureMemory Probably why Hamill grew to hate Ford.He was the lead role but Ford took all the plaudits & went on to bigger & better things.

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Anything with Tom Cruise in it would have been better with ANYBODY else in it.

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@tinyfaery ugh! I am so with you on that one

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Brad Pitt as “Rosebud” in Citizen Kane.

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Gabourey Sidibe could play Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic.

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Laverne & Shirley as Thelma & Louise “Doin it our way”
Laurel & Hardy as Butch & Sundance “Bolivia?Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into”

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Jim Carrey as Tony Stark in Iron Man.

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@tinyfaery but….but….he was so cute when he played Maverick! Please tell me you don’t think Danny Devito would have been a better Maverick. ;)

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Kevin Costner as an Englishman in Robin Hood.

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Danny Devito as Jack Sparrow.

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I would have enjoyed Forgetting Sarah Marshall more if Jason Segel’s role had been swapped with Mila Kunis’s. It would have been infinitely more enjoyable seeing Mila Kunis doing a couple of full-frontal nude scenes as opposed to Jason Segel.

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@AstroChuck Best answer yet!

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I would like to have seen Nic Cage and John Travolta swap roles in Face/Off.

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Bruce Campbell as Wilson in Castaway

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Jim Carrey would never be in another movie. Also Pierce Brosnan would never have been a Bond.

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Mark Hamill as the joker in The Dark Knight
He does a great joker

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Raymond Burr playing Clay Shaw (instead of Tommy Lee Jones) in JFK.
Clay Shaw was gay, but you would never know it to see him. He was a rough, hard spoken, manly man. Jones played him very effeminately, and it just angered me. Most people were fooled by Burr, as well, and he would be a revelation in that role.

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Snuggles the Bear for Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction.

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@Mike_Hunt Yeah, a great voice. But, how well would he have been able to act it out himself in the movie? Could he have been better than Heath Ledger?

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@Mike_Hunt Mark Hamill does the Joker in the animated series, right? He does do it quite well.

Hmm… how about switching Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns? :-)

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@Dr_Dredd That is correct.

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Did anyone here see Henry VIII on Showtime? Not really a movie, but they had a little skinny guy with dark hair play Henry VIII, and had a big, beefy, light-complected guy play the Duke of Buckingham. That really bothered me, because the actor who played the Duke would have been a perfect one to play Henry VIII.

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