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What happens, when you've lost all passion, motivation, or even the slightest inkling of interest for anything?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) March 25th, 2010


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You’ve hit rock bottom.

Good news is, there’s only one way you can go from there.

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If you are lucky, like I was, you have a family to help you through the bad times, and eventually recover from it.

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I call my doctor, therapist and friends. Then begin my treatment plan for depression.

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I like @gemiwing s answer.

well I liked all the answers. All I can say is somewhere in your mind realize “this too will pass”.

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You must consciously realize, and continuously reiterate to yourself, that this is only a temporary phase, a temporary viewpoint/reality, and that, in time, it will change. I know it’s damn hard to think like that at times like those, but you must force yourself. And has already been noted, use your friends, family and loved ones to help you through this phase.

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Well, once you hit that point, it’s just a case of biding your time till you eventually die.

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@gemiwing has it right. These are the symptoms of depression. I know. I have depression and fight against this all the time. Medication and therapy help.

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You shrivel up and evaporate.

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You refuse to date her again.

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You have to find something new to become passionate about. Don’t worry. It will find you. Look, there’s something fascinating right around that corner!

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It sounds like depression to me :(

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Open up your mind and let go. Stop pondering on what was and what could have been as well, you only live once take advantage. I always think about it like this: There’s someone out in this BIG world that has it worse than me, I’ve been through a lot in my short life. I’d never change a thing because it has made me what I am today, and although I still have my trials and tribulations things will only get better and they will for you too. Keep your head up and don’t let this ONE moment in your life bring you down.

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@darkscribe I second that.

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You talk to people who can help you regain that.

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@gemiwing unfortunately i have none of these and that includes family

@JeffVader great answer…most people just speed the process up with suicide when they make that decision

@davidbetterman…my track record for things I’ve been passionate about has shown that all i ever do is obsess over it for a few weeks or more and then drop it like a hot brick…sooo…

@adri027…see the problem with this approach and assumption…is I’m not holding on to anything…i have let go of even my sense of identity, all that has ever hurt my, or pleased me, all i have ever strived for or against…i have come to the conclusion that reality is nothing but a complicated and poorly fabricated meaningless illusion…

so what then do i have to be passionate about…? my complacency has nothing to do with your cliche notions of pain and suffering, of better or worse…it is a feeling of utter emotionless frigidness….so what then have you to say

what then have any of you to say…

why should I seek help or comfort or support

would any of that bring meaning to reality

no…reality would still remain pointless and meaningless…I simply would become once again, another mind trapped within an illusion of ignorance, that any thing we do here or on any other plane has any sort of importance and relevance

do you have any answer now people??? if so PLEASE tell me!

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You go on the internet and talk to strangers about it?

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Find a therapist! You need someone to talk to. The Psychology Today Web site has a therapist locator. If you don’t have a doctor, get one!

One thing that I find helpful is meditation. You might want to try it. It helps to quiet your mind.

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@LostInParadise I meditate every day for almost 4 hours a day or more depending on my level of focus that day

this practice has only advanced and deepened the view points i have previously stated

but thanks for the advice non the less

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ok ok…i recognize i am stating these come backs and rebuttals as a method for justifying my absurd notions that i am alone in my experience and that help and hope are irrelevant and impossible to achieve

so in an attempt to bypass those mental traps i am creating

i have another question

dose any one know of an resource for therapy for an unemployed, uninsured, 21 year old male living in Minneapolis, Mn

you know pro bono work…or resources to some how get financial help by the state or government in general


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@sunyata_rakshasa I almost hate to suggest this, but how about a minister or priest? I don’t know of any equivalent in the non-religious world.

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@YARNLADY i am an atheist so no priest will be able to help me

but this suggestion has got me thinking

a non “god” related holy person

such a Buddhist Priest, may be able to help

in fact i know of a Zen Center in town i may find that help

so thank you for this suggestion

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You’ve lost interest in everything because you have just came to reality. And you have to focus in recreating values that attach themselves to people. If you don’t have a companionship, I recommend you find one asap, that will change your life completely. Make friends, have drama, be interesting, be the alpha person amongst them, or try to be. The one thing you can’t do is sit and think.

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I am sort of going through that right now at 48. I think that lots of people are, in their own sort of way. Job losses, foreclosures, financial hard times, ageing, boredom, etc. What I am finding out is that everyday, I tend to pay attention to what’s wrong, what’s missing rather than what is right, what I have and what I can look forward to. If you I keep reminding my brain that my back is against the wall, then I will stay against the wall. Sleep and exercise helps a lot. The tendency is to withdraw from people and activities but that’s bad. You can’t solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them in the first place. (Einstein) Gotta be proactive and move forward.

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