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How would you celebrate twenty years of wedded bliss?

Asked by MorenoMelissa1 (1140points) March 25th, 2010

It’s been twenty years sense you and your husband and or wife tied the knot, today is your aniversay. You both live practically on the beach in a two story home with a wrap around porch and a neat little fire pit sits in the center of the porch surrouned by sitting suited for a company of 8 eight people, you also have a state of the art bbq grillware. There is also a hot tub and an indoor pool inside your house.

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I wish I’d had access to a place like that for my 20th anniversary. I don’t think we actually did anything special, besides going out for a meal together.

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I’d take a trip out of the country. I can have a barbeque any old day. ^_^

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I would: warm myself up at the fire pit, then lie on the bbq grill and roast myself(turning over to roast both sides, 20 times, one for each year of that wedded bliss). Then I would hop into that hot tub and turn it on to boiling point so I could boil myself like a big red lobster bubbling in a pot. Then, to avoid the next 20 years of wedded bliss, I would ask one of the 8 awed-by-now witnesses to tie something round my ankle(probably the big iron ball I would have been wearing for the past 20 years)and I would plunge into the pool after having waved goodbye to my audience. I think that would be the end of that!?!?

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Swinger club? :D

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personally, I sent the ex’s new husband a thank you.

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20 years? Let’s see, with my girl and I music is a big deal. Perhaps, attending a concert of one of our favorite artists (with a few glasses of vino in tow) and listening to them play under the stars. Then off to a (late) lovely dinner at a romantic/sexy little restaurant. Afterward, a stroll along the beach where we’ll stop, spread out at blanket and plop our asses down. We’ll share a cigar, cuddle whilst looking up at the stars, then have a little make-out session. If it’s warm enough, we’ll go for a swim. If not, we’ll go back to our hotel, climb into the jacuzzi and have a fun washing down each other naughty bits—then it’s off to the boudoir where we’ll get our amorous on.

Bonne suit!

lights off

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@jimah sounds like you have it all planned out to the t. :)

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My husband and I will be celebrating our 20 year anniversary in two years. We are hoping to spend our time in a little cabin on the Lake Superior shore for a weekend. A hot tub, fire pit and good beer is all that we would need.

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Hell if that was my house it would have already been a celebration! No need to improve on that scenario except to crack open a couple chilled wheat beers and a few cans of silly string for the occasion! ;)

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That all sounds terrific, but a nice weekend getaway (just the two of you) would be nice.

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I don’t know but it’s cool to think about – I think we’d just spend a weekend along someplace not too far from home and do what we do best – lay on top of each other and talk and have sex and repeat.

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Do something adventurous or fun. Sky diving, jet skiing, dance lessons (learn the tango), scuba diving. Your pick. It will give you more memories to add for the next 20.

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A walk on the beach.

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