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What is the best way you have found to quash the winter blues?

Asked by Morgan1 (203points) April 5th, 2010

During the winter my skin gets dry, the air gets stuffy, and the constant grey is mind-numbing to me. I’ve found running around nude in the secluded back-yard helps a whole bunch. Does anyone have a better suggestion?

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It’s too cold to do that here. I just wait for Spring.

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Well seeing how I live in South Texas I squashed the winter blues (if you can call it winer here) by going out and working on my koi pond, working on the garden, getting my daughter a slip n slide and letting her run and play around with it…then soon it will be time to scuba dive!! yippee c’mon summer!

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I enjoy the joys of winter very deliberately. Snuggling under s pile of covers. Cuddling with my honey. Sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

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Using this puts a little Spring in my step.

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Go outdoors as you would in any other season. Obviously, some activities are better off performed in the summer but walking at the park, hiking a trail, biking and visiting a beach can all be performed during the winter season. . . . bundle-up or let loose as the weather dictates. Nevertheless, a breath of fresh clean air always help lifts the spirits. A good break-out of sweat is also welcome relief. Just make sure that you use commonsense in protecting your self from the elements.

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I despise winter for the reasons you listed.

However, winter sports are pretty much the only sports that I like, so that gives me something to look forward to when winter arrives. Try downhill skiing! I loooove to ski. It’s the only physical activity at which I would consider myself above average. It gives me a pretty good adrenaline rush and makes me feel pretty euphoric. That helps with the winter blues.

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yes…I was going to say….cocktails!!

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Another vote for Spring!

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Since I’ve never had the winter blues, I can only imagine that warm weather is the cure. I love having distinct seasons and have always enjoyed all of them, particularly Autumn.

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