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Is this a good way to get a ride?

Asked by MorenoMelissa1 (1140points) April 11th, 2010

I want to put a rideshare ad on craigslist so I can go see my fiance. Is this a safe and effeicent way to get to my man? Your imput would be appreicated.

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Rideshares are sketchy. It’s like internet hitchhiking. How could you trust a stranger not to take advantage of the situation?

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@Captain_Fantasy I am hoping someone would be willing to help me out of the kindness of their heart.

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What’s wrong with an intercity bus?

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@ CyanoticWasp I dont have money for a bus.

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Craigslist does have one up on just sticking your finger out: there is a record of the asking and accepting. But that is right up there with making sure you have copies of your kid’s finger prints just in case.

I don’t think I would do it though.

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Right, but how do you know who on the net is trustworthy?
I’d think your fiancee would care about your safety primarily and taking rides from strangers definitely is a risk.

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@MorenoMelissa1 if you don’t even have the money for a cheap bus, then you don’t have much to offer a rideshare companion, either. So if the ride breaks down (which happened to my brother on a cross-country trip one time) then you’re stranded with no money for lodging, food… or a ride to either place.

Save a few pennies. If you look for cheap bus fares between cities you can usually find them a lot less expensive than Greyhound.

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@CyanoticWasp Only problem with that is I don;t have a job.

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Ride share is not ride FREE.

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@Tropical_Willie Believe me I know that. I would gladly pay them back when I have the money.

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If you’re asking for a free ride, you’re asking to be taken advantage of. You have to expect to pay for gas, food, and your own lodgings if the trip is long enough to last overnight. And you may be expected to chip in if there is any sort of break down.

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Get a job. Save up. Buy a cheap bus ticket.

It is unfair of you to say ‘oh I will pay you back when I can’. Especially to a stranger.

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I’ve used rideshare. I had a great experince. Of course, YMMV. There is an immense number of unquantifiable variables.

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How do you expect to get back?

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Thank you all for your imput I have the information to make an imformed choice.

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Are those of you that are saying its sketchy speaking from experience? If so, iyt would be the first negative rideshare experience ive ever heard of. Ive had EXCELLENT experiences, my brother has used it probably a hundred times honestly, and everyone else ive discussed it with has said they met awesome people through it. Id recommend it to anyone. Do it gurlfrand

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@deni I had a friend in college who got out at a gas station and refused to get back in the car with the guy she was ride sharing home with. Apparently he said he didn’t smoke, but did for hours on end with his window closed, drank a bit too much at a lunch break, and “joked” about how he could kill her and dump her body anywhere.

@MorenoMelissa1 It sounds like you’re just hoping a stranger gives you a ride for free. A unemployed person telling a stranger “I’ll pay you back when I can” doesn’t hold much weight, in my book. You might get lucky, but I kinda think most people who would be willing to RideFree (as @Tropical_Willie said) with you is probably the kind of person you don’t want to be in a car with.

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I’ll pay you back when I can. Yeah. Think about it. What if that never happens? I wouldn’t loan money on that stipulation. The kindness of their heart? Are you serious? Try a church bulletin board then, instead of Craig’s list.

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@Likeradar that is a bad story. okay. and im sure bad things happen off rideshares, but i think the overwhelming majority of them are good.

if you take a bus, it can wreck, a plane can crash, a train can derail, and somebody can kill you on any of those or fly you into a building. but its really unlikely.

and, also, if you dont have any money to give the person, put that in your ad. i’ve seen a lot of rideshare ads where a person will say that they don’t have anything to contribute except good music or good company or whatever, and i bet some of those people get rides. especially if its not a long distance. if the person is going that way anyhow, maybe they wont care.

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