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What are 3 questions you would make to create (non love/sexual) intimacy with a friend?

Asked by Yeti (25points) April 11th, 2010

Besides my personal curiosity, I am doing research on intimacy.

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what kind then?
If he/she is your friend there is already intimacy, no?

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Good point! instead a friend I should have put “acquaintance….”

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Perhaps if you could explain your research in a little more detail, we could provide better answers.

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Ask about family, goals in life, and personal interests.
All three should be asked in an interested manner but not like your asking for a resume. More like a light curiosity into what makes them special. And they should be dropped if the person switches the topic. Means your trying too hard.

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Would you care to join me in the broom closet?

Would you like to help me choose something at Victoria’s Secret?

Would you like to share all your personal secrets with me?

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What do you see as your purpose in life?

What role do you feel you play in your (extended) family?

If you could be doing anything as a full time career and there were no obstacle or barriers, what would that be?

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The way I see it theres only one reason a man would want to research intimacy with a girl in mind: he wants to get intimate with her. I will give you some generally good advice, based on my own experience as a boyfriend, and watching my friend as a pimp. Look her dead in the eye, think about what you want her to do (kiss you, hold your hand, go to the other room with you etc), and say her name, as you have your standard conversations about whatever. Be as up front as she is willing to receive you being. If you are straightforward, its like a game that you can play to say hey lets be romantic, I insist, and its fun. If she’s not digging it then forget it.

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What’s the capital of Peru?
Do you like chocolate?
Are you scared of mice?

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