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Do you ever ask for discounts when shopping for particular items, how successful has this proved?

Asked by ucme (46461points) April 14th, 2010

They’ll quote a retail price usually the recommended market value,& you ask for flexibility.Are you confident of sealing the deal that’s best for you, or do you tend to give in to their best offer?

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If I’m sure that particular product is cheap and they sell it in appropriate price then I won’t ask for any discount. If they sell that product in inappropriate price then I’ll just leave that store and find another much better store.

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Wait, people haggle in American retail stores?! I thought that only worked in other countries…

I ask for a better price if I know the person I’m talking to has the power to actually make that happen. As in the case of cell phone plans. Some electronics. Craigslist purchases. Garage sales… For some reason the first thing that came to mind was Macy’s, and I just can’t see anyone giving you a price break there…or anywhere else in the mall.

When haggling, it all depends on how much you want it vs how much they want to sell it.

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Haggling very rarely works in the UK, except with cars and electrical goods. I’ve successfully haggled extra discount when purchasing a TV and a computer. Never tried haggling for a car, as I don’t drive :) Haggling also works well for things like insurance and other financial products.

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Everything is negotiable.
Just walk in the store, if you have an iphone you can look at a competitor’s website and point out the same product for less. Show that to your salesperson and tell them you want it for the Amazon price and they’ll cave. They may get a manager but they’ll cave too.

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I use published or online prices of competitors to get better deals at a preferred store. Some stores have some sort of “Price Match Policy” wherein they boast of lowest prices and if you bring in a competitor’s published retail sale price for the same item, they will match the price or even better the price by 5–10% of the lowest price or 100% of the price difference.

At independent stores and just about any store that sell items that have been marked down due to some flaws, I always make it a point to ask for a better price if possible. If they give in, then it’s a winner . . .. if not, no harm done.

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I nearly always ask for discounts or buy products that are advertised as being discounted. I have found it isn’t necessary to pay full price for anything.

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Sure. I’ve never paid the tag price on furniture when bought from a store. I don’t usually buy it in stores; I order from NC.

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Yes, you can usually get a discount just for asking on certain things, like furniture as @thriftymaid mentioned.

I always ask for discounts when booking hotels. Being flexible about how many days and which days your trip is (or pretending to be, to get the info you need) and booking at smaller non-chain hotels and B&Bs basically ensures you won’t need to pay the quoted rate.

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In restaurants, we always ask for a senior discount. some give it, some do not.

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