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At what point do you stop considering a person on Fluther a newbie?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25270points) April 15th, 2010

Is it when they have a certain amount of lurve? Is it when they have been here for a certain amount of time? Is it when they have asked or answered a certain amount of questions? Maybe it’s the quality of the questions and answers that seperate the newcomers from the old timers?

Usually for me it is when they have reached about 1000 lurve. This has nothing to do with status or anything that pretentious it just means, in my mind, that they probably plan to stick around. Other indications of this are quality of questions and answers and their avatar picture. It may sound weird but if I see one of the default jellyfish avatars I usually assume they are fairly new before I have bothered to look at the name. This isn’t always a good indication of whether they are new obviously but most of the regular old timers have personal avatars.

What, in you mind, seperates the newcomers from the veterans?

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Once they get past 666.

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The ones who are quick studies, write briefly and clearly, know something about English usage, don’t repeat earlier answers and have an original sense of humor. They can be either newcomers or veterans and either fit or not fit the bill (my bill, that is. Quack.)

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“don’t repeat earlier answers” LOL

Like this one?

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Unofficial Scale of Fluther Newbieness and Social Standing

<100 Lurve = troll
101–500 = casual asker/answerer
501–1000 = Neophyte Flutherite
1001–4999 = Apprentice Flutherite
5000–8000 = Flutherite
8001–9999 = Advanced Flutherite
10,000–10,999 = ZOMG get a life, lol
11,000 + = God-tier Flutherite/site admins

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I was never a newbie. This Fluther was waiting for me.

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Or: 15,000 and over = uncontrollable blabbermouths, me included.

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@gailcalled, sweet jesus, that’s alot of lurve.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard: As I said: talk, talk, talk.

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Here, have some more!

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I don’t really think I have the authority do dictate who is or isn’t a newbie.

But I don’t think that I’m one…

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard: Another technique is to spend half your waking hours thinking up good questions and the other half keeping an eagle eye on them

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I don’t divide the world, or Fluther, into newbies and oldbies. I notice people who are quickwitted, bright, effective writers and wise. Some of my “best friends” on here I’ve only known for a few weeks. I’m an equal opportunity lurver.

@Seek_Kolinahr You are so right – Fluther was desperate for you.

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am i a newbie?
I joined about a half-hour ago, have 2 questions, 6 responses, a great question and 4 lurve

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yeah- you’re a newbie, but stick around another two hours…

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For me someone is no longer a newbie when they sound sensible and polite. That shows me they’ve been around the internet and know how to interact with people.

People also no longer have newbie status once they know that after an individual has given you 20 GA’s, another GA from them will not increase your lurve total. Once you figure that out, you’ve got the essence of fluther weirdness.

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I never think about it. New. Old. Whatever.

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@wundayatta What does that second paragraph mean?

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I don’t believe anybody truly knows anybody until you have slept with them.

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@janbb I edited it. Does that make more sense to you?

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They stop being a newbie when the cuss out their first Fluther Mod !

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@beautifulbobby193 – Sometimes not even then!

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When you know who Milo is.

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@chyna OK, I’ll bite. Who’s Milo? :-)

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You heard it here first. gailcalled’s cat who often responds to posts here.

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Milo is the cat that owns @gailcalled

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A year or 20K, whichever comes first (sounds like a muffler warrantee). Whatever, as long as it’s more time or lurve than I’ve got, I’m still a nugget.

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Talented kitty!

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I have no idea…what would we consider, technical things like lurve, or amount of time one’s been around, or is it adapting to whatever standards this place has, or does it have to do with the quality of your activity?
No idea, hell I don’t even know if I’m considered a newbie or not haha.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That makes me an advanced Flutherite! Is it sad that this excites me a bit?!?!?

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@Leanne1986, nope not at all!

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Correction: I’m a permanent noob, regardless of time or lurve. I’ll never “get” most of the “insider” stuff, I lack the basic social insights to understand them.

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I’ve been here for quite a few months, but I still don’t quite feel like “one of the gang”.
I’m just getting more comfortable, the same as in person, I’m kinda shy.

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@wilma I can understand that, I have been here for over a year and I don’t feel like a truely established Flutherite either.

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1000 lurve. By that time, you know the ropes here.

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With all of these mysterious changes coming up, I’ll probably find myself an ex-Flutherite very soon. Why can’t they just leave things alone?

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When you start calling people jelly and subscribe yourself to the brand.

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When they start complaining about how newbies are persecuted.

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When I start recognizing their names.

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I only show a user any respect at all after they have reached the 10K mark. Before that nothing.

I’m joking of course.

I think I agree with @toomuchcoffee911

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I make it a point to welcome folks if I notice them and there lurve is below 250 or so whenever I’m active in questions – so, not very often anymore :( . After that, I no longer think of them as new members.

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@28lorelei Welcome to Fluther! <<see what I did there? :D

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@augustlan I do the same thing with folks under 100 lurve, it just seems the polite thing to do.

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Dang it. Long past the edit time and I just noticed my typo… “there” should be “their”. I hate when that happens.

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A lurve of 1275 +/- 15

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