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Do you like pureed soup?

Asked by Taciturnu (6037points) April 23rd, 2010

I make a lot of soup that requires pureeing, and found a lot of people are not fond of a simple texture. They often require something more substantial.

Do you like pureed soup or only chunky soup? Which do you prefer?

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You can purée half and add the other portion with the chunky ingredients . That is what I do with lentil and split pea soups.

Sometimes, I simply simmer them until they are slightly mushy. Washing the food processor is time-consuming when I’d rather be outside (like now, for example).

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@gailcalled Yes, that’s true. However, for the purpose of the question, I’d still consider it chunky. :)

I like soup a lot of different ways, including a smooth gazpacho or tomato, for example. Some people really don’t like the texture.

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I always prefer chunks. It is easier to pretend that I have had a full meal.

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I like ALL soup.

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I like pureed, and make it often. Although once I made the mistake of blendering it while on the stove. Thick soup boils like volcanic lava. A big chuck of boiling soup popped up and landed on my wrist. Ouch!

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I like chunky soup. I want some substance to it. I don’t even like tomato soup.

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@wundayatta Eek, that does sound like a painful mess! You’ll have to let me know if you have any outstanding recipes. :)

@jbfletcherfan Do you like chunky tomato? Thanks for the input. :)

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@Taciturnu Squash, corn and poblano soup is awesome!

Homemade chicken stock, cooked squash (the sweeter, the better), roasted poblanos, and fresh sweet corn (or frozen fresh sweet corn). Heat them up (proportions to taste—I like spicy), then puree them (off the stove!). Some nutmeg, salt and pepper and cream. I like a nice orange squash and red poblanos. You can use green, but red make a better color mixture. You can also keep some of the corn out to put in after the puree if you do want a bit of texture.

I’ve made it too thin, and I’ve made it too mild, but I’ve made it perfect, too! The last time I made it I was trying to clean out the freezer a bit.

I also do a fridge cleaning out soup with potatoes and broccoli and carrots and cauliflower and leeks, or some subset of all that. The key, as always, is the stock you use.

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@Taciturnu Can’t say that I do. I just want my tomatoes in chili.

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@wundayatta I will definitely try that. It sounds like it would have a deep flavor, and very easy. (I have combined red and green [tomato and avocado] for soup before, but concur a red and orange would be much more aesthetically pleasing!)

Stock definitely makes a big difference. If I buy, I find Wolfgang Puck has a great line. Of course, nothing can replace homemade. :)

@jbfletcherfan lol. I guess not liking many tomatoes is a good reason for not liking tomato soup!!

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Rarely, (very rarely due to BSA in cans) I will add chucky things to canned tomato soup, such as diced tomatoes, barley, black beans, corn, brown rice.

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@gailcalled Sounds yummy! I’m a little shocked, though. I didn’t know they started canning the Boy Scouts of America. What’s BSA?

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@Taciturnu Oh, on the contrary. I LOVE tomatoes. I can sit & eat a good home grown one like an apple. Tomato in one hand, salt in the other. I cook with them a lot. Diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, sliced right out of the garden every night, etc. Just not pureed soup.

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I like both pureed and chunky. I know of a great cauliflower soup recipe that I love. Yet, I don’t like cauliflower.

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I make soup every day, from whatever vegetables I have. I prefer to puree my soup, so it is nice and smooth.
My favourites are asparagus, potato and leek & carrot and coriander.

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I like soup, period. Granted, I wouldn’t wany clam cowder pureed. That would defeat the purpose, as it were.

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Nope. Only chunky.

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I prefer the puree. I like uniform food textures. Oddly enough, I learned that this preference is one of the symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome. I tend to prepare food for myself in one way and differently if I’m serving it to others.

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I’ve never met a soup I didn’t like – well, except for ones with great lumps of fatty beef in them. Cream or pureed soups are fantastic, as are other soups with chunky bits.

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@jbfletcherfan Oh! I’m sorry, I thought by saying you like tomatoes in chili, that you were in turn saying you didn’t like them otherways.

@stranger_in_a_strange_land That’s interesting! I wonder how many people are self-diagnosing with Asperger’s because they read that… Hmm… :)

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@Taciturnu You need about 100 other bits of information to do that.

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I can’t stand pureed soup and prefer chunky soup.

The reasons for this is that I really can’t stand just eating the same thing over and over again and need variety in the taste. With chunky soup the taste isn’t always the same because I can choose what to sick on my spoon.

I also can’t stand the texture, and I am suspicious of stuff that is just one consistent colour. I also don’t like ketchup and brown sauce because of this.

Welcome to my world of fussy eating.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Believe me, I’m well aware. I work in healthcare, and there are plenty of people who would read something like what you wrote, and think they have it based on a common symptom.

What happened to your Bruins pride? :)

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@Taciturnu You’re right. My late wife was a psychologist (she diagnosed me). I’ll refrain from such symptom-listing in future; I’ll ask the mods to delete my original remark if you like.My avatar-reversion was not an abandonment of the B’s, but at the request of a friend who likes this picture. A kind of solidarity with her avatar. I’ll put my B back up on Monday when they meet the Sabers. :^)

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land No, don’t bother. It is an interesting tid bit. People who diagnose themselves have to learn someday that you just shouldn’t.

I’m glad to hear of your continued Bruins support! I’ll look forward to it. Is that picture of you? I remember you had that handsome mug up there for a while, but I can’t quite make anything out in this picture… I guess that would be the point of camouflage though, wouldn’t it? :)

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@Taciturnu An old picture of a now-old warrior. Handsome mug? Have you had your eyes checked recently?~

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