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Why some Church goers don't question the Religion in terms of the things they do in church?

Asked by joscketSeper (323points) April 25th, 2010

I use to go to church just because I grew up with it. Just going through the motions.

Now that i’m early 30’s. I still go from time to time( not every sunday) but I sometimes feel like the priest is taking advantage of us. It seems like the religion wants to hypnotize us to do what they want.

Like why should i stay and listen to boring music. I mean, there are some churches that do exciting stuff or musical stuff. But the church i go to is pretty boring and the musicians many times are not good and they don’t even seem excited about it.

Another thing is I have ear problems, they insist on having loud amplified sound with and loud microphones for speaking. Why should i damage myself more just for them? I even wrote to the church and they ignored me.

Some churches just read the gospel and it’s the same thing everyday. And many of the priest that read the thing are pretty boring. The after commentary is something they just write and it’s like they are reading it.

Also, Confesion. Many church goers never question why they shouuld even tell their secrets to the priest. The priest is just another person, he’s not godly. I used to go to confesion but no i don’t see the point, i just tell it to god myself.

believing in god is good but is Church really necessary? Is it just something people do in order to fit in with the rest?

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You could always go to a church whose service you prefer.

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Is it just something people do in order to fit in with the rest? This is just a guess, but many people require structure in their life. If they don’t go to church every Sunday, they might not be disciplined enough to remember God and read the bible on their own time. Just like many people don’t work well with self paced courses because they need the structure provided by the going to class schedule. Also, it’s easier to keep faith and believe in something when you have many other people around you doing the same. Strength in numbers and what not.

As for why they don’t question certain things upheld by the church, if you’ve been brought up with the ritual of weekly church and all the jazz that goes with it, many don’t feel the need to question anything associated with it since it’s what they’ve known all their life. Similar to racism (not that I’m saying there’s a connection with going to church and being racist), but if you think about it, why didn’t so many people think it wrong that their parents discriminated against the black people even though it clearly goes against major principles taught by their religion? It’s just how things have always been as long as they’ve been alive.

If you are able to question certain things and clearly find your church dull, you should follow @laureth‘s suggestion.

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I’ve never really understood the whole church thing. In the sermon on the mount Christ says, “But you, when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret; and your Father which sees in secret shall reward you openly.” Those words kind of make it clear to me that the whole concept of worshipping together in a big cathedral was something Jesus didn’t want.
But what do I know? I’m just a heathen atheist.

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Not everyone feels the way that you do about the music or the message. Why don’t you seek a church whose srvices you enjoy?

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@AstroChuck That’s really interesting. Any idea if Matthew (that’s his verse I think) is old testament or new?

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@PnL- New, of course. Christ isn’t in the Old Testament.

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I don’t go to church period. But if you so feel compelled to attend, try like everyone else here suggests…go to a different church. I’m sure you kind find one to your liking.

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I grew up in the church and I understand how you feel. Do your family and friends go to that church too? That can make it difficult to branch out to somewhere new. A church can feel like a social circle or a family, and just waltzing into a new one can feel a little scary. Maybe you know someone who goes to a different church and you could ask to join them? These suggestions are of course applicable if you feel obligated to go to church.

If you don’t feel church is necessary for you, stop going. It might be tough for a while, especially if the people close to you are active in the church. They may say ugly things to you or try to make you feel guilty, but you ultimately need to do what’s best for you. I went through it with my family. It took a few years, but they finally realized that just because I don’t go to church doesn’t make me a bad person. What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander.

Good luck :)

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personally, don’t think much about the rituals, ceremonies, etc…but, concentrating on worshipping God and be thankful for His mercy on my sinful soul and be thankful for all his many blessing….for example, like waking up this morning!

@joscketSeper don’t think you have to go to Church to be saved…but, the Church does feed the soul! i have to feed the soul to keep myself grounded and headed in the right direction. Since the children are grown, personally don’t go to Church much anymore, but do pray everyday, and try to read my Bible (don’t always do) and do my best to keep focused on living right.

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That’s good Bobo. that’s what i plan to do too.

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Some people do and they leave the church and some others leave their religion.

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@joscketSeper it works…the Church has become so materialistic! Other reasons, but don’t want to sound too negative!

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@joscketSeper You don’t have to go to Church to be saved. Likewise, going to church doesn’t make you saved anymore than being in a garage makes you a car.
Go to a different denomination. Try several on for size. You’re sure to find one that suits you.
Then ask these questions of the minister/priest. I’d suggest forgetting about Catholicism since you have an issue with confession. Try Episcopalians, Methodists, or some of the new non-denominational churches.

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I’ve always thought the point of church was to provide a “scaffolding” for your faith. Or, to put it less charitably, to provide a community and ritual structure to help brainwash you into conformity to an absurd ideology.

But if you don’t need the scaffolding, or if it annoys you, why bother?

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Churches originated because the majority of people could not read or write, and there were no published Bibles. As more and more people became literate, the churches had to find more elaborate ways to keep in business.

Many churches in the U. S. are now closing, except the largest, wealthiest ones, and even they are closing many of their sites. A funny side note – one atheist society is now operating out of a former church building.

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My mom used to say, “Churches are like shoes, go with what fits and feels comfortable. ”
You seem to be miss fit. Why not try a different church and see if it feels better. I do think community is important, but if you don’t feel connected there, you should probably find someplace where you do.

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And remember the priest is a person too. He works hard to write his homily and wants it to be enjoyable and enlightening. He is not trying to bore you. And the choir or organist or whoever is providing your music is trying. And some of the congregation are just pleased that people they know and like are doing their best. But definitely follow the advice above, find a church you enjoy. It is, after all, partly a social thing.

As for confession, that is a believin’ thing. You have to accept the priest [even if you know personally he is a jerk] as a stand-in for god on that one.

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To truly know God, the last place to look is organised religion.
Their work is primarily to distract from the true knowledge of God, and provide you with the substitute…themselves.

They are effective because many who attend are convinced that God is there in their religion.
This is why it is truly difficult for them to think outside of that religion for by doing such is rejection of God himself.

The knowledge of God can only be found within you, and when this happens you then know the truth in all things.

Then you will understand the purpose of what is called church and why it differs greatly from the Truth of God.

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Sorry, I don’t view believing in god or going to church as necessities. If you go to church because you enjoy doing so, why would you ever subject yourself to such utter monotony and mediocrity? You might asking a few close friends what church they attend and see if you can tag along. If you can breathe, most churches will happily take you in.

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I would choose a different church or no church.

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You don’t need to go to a church.

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