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How helpful is it to the mods when someone flags a post?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) May 5th, 2010

The mods here are the “fastest guns” I’ve ever seen in an online community… do the flags really help you? Or do you mostly catch stuff so quickly by being vigilant?

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Flags are hugely important for helping mods spot content that doesn’t meet the guidelines. Definitely flag stuff if you think it should be removed—it’s incredibly important to the moderation process.

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aw, that was your chance to say you were all supermods ;)

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Seriously helpful. We’ve actually recruited a couple of the moderators because they were so helpful with flagging things as a regular user.

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Flags from members are the key to moderation. They tell us where we need to be the most.
So yes! You are all Mods! :D

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Extremely helpful. We can’t be everywhere at once, so we rely heavily on the community to direct us to problems. Without your flags, we couldn’t effectively do our jobs. Thanks for helping us out! :)

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actually I forget most of the time :x

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Well, get on it, girly! ;-)

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The ability to flag would be a handy tool to have on the iPhone version of Fluther.

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@AstroChuck It sure would!

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I like to flag stuff and watch it get deleted. It makes me feel important. And it helps the mods know about shit that is posted.

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I do not like to see a whole bunch of garbage, and when the mods remove it, I can progress through the answers better. However… of my recent answers was removed, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. It was a valid answer to a General question. Go figure?

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@YARNLADY Why not PM me with a link? I’ll take a look. It’s important that we’re doing our job right.

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The few flags I have put up were acted upon by the mods with amazing swiftness. In a text environment, without the added cues of facial and vocal expression, it can be easy to mistake an intended joking remark as a personal attack. The first impulse is to fire back. It can be distressing when an otherwise fine thread is derailed by personal flaming or attacks, and the mods here do a good job of helping keep on track.

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