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Is this person committing a criminal act to feed her addiction?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 7th, 2010

Each night, this person spends at least $500 gambling at bingo. she is a retired paramedic and her money supply appears to be endless. paramedics do not make this kind of money and especially ones that are retired. she has no other source of income, except Social Security. so, what do think is going on here?

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When you say “spends” does that mean her net take on the night is a loss? Or, is it possible she spends $500 but wins more than that? My bet is she socked away every check she made as a paramedic and figures she can spend it any way she wants.

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Sueanne, she rarely wins. she is in her 50s and has a boyfriend in his late 30s. nothing wrong with this, only i suspect the boyfriend is a drug dealer and you get the picture. $500 each night for a month is roughly $15,000 a month! this figure blew my mind.

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It sounds quite likely, that sort of money can be hard to find. Do you know what the boyfriend does for a living? Does he make any displays of wealth, such as an expensive car or suit? Does he know she is a gambler? I don’t think that in itself is enough to start an investigation, legally speaking, but certainly keep your eyes open and see what unfolds.

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FiremadeFlesh, her boyfriend is a biker. he sometimes attends bingo with her. no displays of wealth, but this is not uncommon today as its a dead giveaway. i have observed her spending habits for the last 10 days and somedays, she goes beyond $500 dollars. this woman has a bad gambling addiction and her endless money has been brought to my attention on several occasions. a huge bottle of suspected Lortabs have been observed in her open pocketbook and this further arouses my suspicion. keeping tabs on her.

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That sounds awfully suspect. Being a biker is not a career, and their money needs to come from somewhere. Just be careful that you don’t jump in too early and attract accusations of discrimination, and make sure you have more solid evidence. Modern bikers know the law, and often have high powered lawyers on their side.

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Thanks. keeping my cool, until the right moment.

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@john65pennington: How many freaking cards does she have spread out in front of her to be spending that much??

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Even if her boyfriend were a drug dealer what in the world is he doing letting her blow a wad of cash like that? Even drug dealers have some common sense. Weird scene.

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Pulltabs. they are like scratch off and cost a dollar a piece. she buys $100 dollars worth at a time.

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She’s a prostitute? Do you sit next to this woman at the bingo hall or do you have a snitch? Maybe she inherited a butt slug of money. Maybe she wins when you’re not looking? Maybe she’s in debt up to her eyeballs.

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