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Is there a ground cover plant that is tree friendly and weed "unfriendly?"?

Asked by metadog (378points) May 7th, 2010

Hi! I have a 100 ft. by 6 ft. strip in my back yard that has a line of young (8 to 10 ft.) Leeland Cypress trees and a mulch fill. We weed this thing like crazy. Even with landscape fabric under the mulch, we still get some crazy stuff growing back there. I was wondering… is there a ground cover plant that we could put in there that would push out (or maybe just hide) the weeds that would look good under the trees that also wouldn’t harm them? Thanks!

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Any kind of heavy grass that thrives in partial sunlight. Sodding the area might give the grass a “head start”. Close around the house, we use tight-mesh cloth covered by crushed stone, we then place potted plants on top of this; looks very orderly.

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I love Irish Moss!

It does well in part shade and is so cool, fist size mounds of dense bright green mossy balls that grow together to form a walkable, lumoy carpet like 100’s of little islands. NO weeds can grow in it’s density, and it looks really neat. great for hillsides too!

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I second Marine life with Vinca.

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Just don’t use English ivy – it will smother the cypress.

Vinca is a good choice, or pachysandra (Japanese spurge). Just be aware that you’ll need to control them somewhat, they’re both invasive and will spread.

This site has a nicely comprehensive list, including quite a few plants that I’m not familiar with.

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My mom grew something she called ‘snow on the mountain’. I don’t think anything would kill it. I know she never watered it.

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