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Which Channel will play All World cup games in Canada?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) May 7th, 2010

I am thinking about getting digital tv service in Canada
The option I have with me is Bell Canada, Cogeco, and illegal satellite service
I could watch it free online but I don’t want to watch it in on my small computer screen nor worrying about my internet connection
so anyone has idea which channel will play majority of world cup games??
I know CBC got the broadcasting right but will they show all the games??? and will there any games happen at same time period??

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If you’re just wanting to watch the World Cup, don’t bother getting digital TV. CBC has all the rights to all the games. The only difficulty is when, in the final rounds of the group stage, they need to play 2 games at once. In those cases, there will be one game broadcast on CBC Bold.

Having said that, CBC will be broadcasting all of the World Cup live AND on demand at their website. So you don’t even need a TV to watch fully legal streaming of every single match, including on a delay on the internet. That’s my plan. My employer’s going to have to deal with it.

I’m 100% certain of the correctness of my answer, but I’ll go look at the CBC website to find a link so you can confirm it for yourself.

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I dont really understand the question but I know a spanish channel called Telemundo will be playing all the games.

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I dont know but if your talking about hockey

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I dont know because the Fifa Word Cup came is over

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