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Is your house "company ready"?

Asked by MissA (7391points) May 11th, 2010

Are you hesitant to let company in your house unless you know they’re coming and you’ve had time to clean up?

What is acceptable for you to feel comfortable?

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I don’t mind having people stop over any time. My house is always tidy. To me, acceptable means the dishes are done (unless I just finished eating a meal), the counters are wiped down in the kitchen, and my bathrooms are clean.

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Yes because my house is simply a disaster. How embarrassing. I recently had a little one (as most of you know by now) and I just haven’t figured out how to manage both the house and her although we are getting better.

What do I need to feel comfortable? Just it to look somewhat straight in the bathroom and living area. Really pretty low standards, lol.

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My house is a giant clusterf***. But people pretty much know I’m a huge slob. I am a little embarrassed about it when someone new comes over, because then I see a fresh perspective on the mess.

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I have a dear friend who says that your house should be clean enough that folks can stop by anytime…and, dirty enough so that they feel comfortable! I kinda like that.

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In years gone by I would sweat bullets if people came and I hadn’t made the place spotless and had the refrigerator stocked with goodies but I’ve become a lot more mellow and like others say, if the dishes are done, counters wiped down, bathroom clean and toilet paper on the roll then all is good, I can deal with all else.

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Only on the weekends because we don’t do anything on weekdays.

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There are some days when I’d be embarrassed to invite a rabid dog into the house, but generally we’re good to go if someone drops round unexpectedly.

I seem to live in a culture of super-housewives here in South Korea: most of my female friends here don’t work and spend the majority of their time cooking and cleaning. My friend insists she has to vacuum mop the whole floor of her apartment twice a day because “the windows are open all day”. Huh?

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Yeah, usually the parents, well, mother anyway, always tries to make the house spotless, scrubbing bathrooms, kitchen counters, etc. But we realized most of the reason our house isnt so great is because its so dilapidated it would probably require some remodeling lol. I use to go all neat freak whenever I had company too, but most of my friends and family don’t really care so I just let it be

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I’d certainly say my room is companion ready. My room being where I spend 90% of the time.
But because I share my house with 3 other guys, and our kitchen is almost in a state of disarray with all sorts of cookware, and our livingroom always has stuff strewn about, I’d say that the house in general isn’t companion ready.
Maybe I’ll just have to blindfold her from the front door till when we get into my room. Getting up the stairs will be the hard part.

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I don’t go out of my way to change anything, other than taking the ‘stuff’ off enough chairs for everyone to have a place to sit.

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I’m not too worried about people seeing the house messy. We don’t let it get filthy dirty, but unless we’re having a party you have to expect a bit of clutter.

My main concern is that I’m company-ready. I usually don’t do my hair or makeup until about half an hour before I have to leave the house, and I wear my dressing gown about 80% of the time I’m home.

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Yes. Now that my housemates have moved out, the visitor accessible parts of the house are presentable again. Oddly enough, I’m a guy and my housemates were ladies. I’m a neat freak.

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At the moment no, but by tonight it will be. That’s a fairly unusual state though as we had guests over the weekend and through Monday. The house is pretty much always clean or close to it whether someone’s coming or not. We’ve found it easier to maintain it consistently rather than let slide till we are forced to deal with it. Acceptable is the typical state unless we haven’t had time to do the dishes or it’s been an overly hectic week. And yeah, I more than my wife, really hate having people over when the place is a mess unless there’s a particularly good reason for it being that way.

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The house is company ready,but my studio is not and that’s what they always want to look at—help!lol—

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Ours is now! It is up for sale and clean as a whistle.

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My house is always clean and well stocked, there is no such thing as unexpected guests in my home. I’m a little anal about the housekeeping and I keep my fridge full for the same reason.

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I have a toddler and a puppy. No.

I am, however, the queen of the ten-minute-tidy. Which is fortunate, as I live 20 minutes from anywhere at the minimum, so I always have time to get it done.

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