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Though embarrased to say this, I love the Sookie Stackhouse novels. What other similar series might I enjoy?

Asked by tinyfaery (41409points) May 12th, 2010

The writing is horrid and they can’t really be described as literature, but I love this Charlaine Harris series. Why? I can’t really say. I like the realistic female heroin, I love vampire mythologies and I love the slight eroticism. I also really appreciate the humor And I’d have a blood bond with Eric any day.

What other book series might I like that would be similar to this one? No Anne Rice or Twilight, please.

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Check out Kim Harrison
Or Laurell K Hamilton

Edit: Personally I am a huge fan of Laurell. So I would recommend starting there although the books don’t start getting erotic until later in the series.

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haha, I came to say “Not Anne Rice or Twilight.” Glad I don’t have to. <3

Have you ever read any of Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld books? I’ve only read Bitten but that was when it was new so I don’t remember much other than I really liked it.

Also, read Sunshine by Robin McKinley if you haven’t already.

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I don’t know of any authors who are similar but this site looks helpful.

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I like Harris’s Harper Connelly series as well.

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I completely second Sunshine by Robin McKinley.

You may also enjoy:
Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson series)
Jim Butcher (Dresden Files)
C E Murphy (Negotiator Trilogy, Walker Papers series)
Rachel Caine (Weather Warden series)
Karen Chance (Midnight’s Daughter books and Cassandra Palmer books)

Hopefully Syz will show up soon, she always knows some good urban fantasy to put out there and I know I’m forgetting some.

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I was going to recommend The Dresden Files, too, and I’m not really sure why I didn’t, because I’m absolutely nuts for them. Now that they’ve been mentioned, though, I’ll second it!

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The genre is called Urban Fantasy. Not my bag, but happy to help!

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I second the “Women of the Underworld” series. It has books from the point of view of werewolves, witches, demons, etc. Not sure if there is a vampire, though, but the books are very entertaining.

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Thanks all. Now I have a great place to start.

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I took up MacBean’s suggestion about Women of the Underworld and heartily endorse it.

I also started reading the Georgina Kincaid Succubus series by Richelle Mead. I highly recommend it.

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